Monday, February 4, 2013

It's a Start (or Small Things CAN Make a Difference!)

A couple of days ago I mentioned that I'd be starting the streamlining process here at home, beginning with my kitchen drawers.  Our utensil drawers were filled with everything from duplicate salad tongs (one plastic one that works great but isn't particularly pretty and one pewter set that is pretty, but useless because the fork tines spear into everything and then you can't actually get any salad OFF the tongs) to a pastry cutter that I have never once used to the candy thermometer I sweet-talked my mom into giving me this summer that I was sure I would use to make Christmas candy but, alas, did not.  And more.  Much, much more.

So Saturday morning I woke up determined to tackle these three drawers - the silverware drawer, the utensil drawer, and the dish-towels-and-kitchen-wrap-thingys drawer.  And yes, that is the technical name.  I know that those drawers are just a fraction of the work I need to do, but it's a start.  If I can start by reclaiming one little area at a time, I can hopefully make a difference in our home.

The goal is to bring a sense of order and peace by eliminating the unnecessary clutter which creates stress in the home.  It may seem like a small thing but every time I opened those drawers and had to see the mess and then had to root through all of it to find the one thing that I needed, which was invariably underneath everything else, I would get so frustrated and feel a little less successful as a homemaker.

So I went through those drawers ruthlessly, only leaving those things that I use on a regular basis.  The rest I packed up and put into our ever-growing pile of things to be sold at the garage sale in May.  Should I need any of it before that, I can easily pull it out.  If within those 5 months I don't need it, well, then I probably don't need to keep it anyways.  Although I probably should return the candy thermometer to my mom.  But I bet she never uses it either.

Here's a quick look at the before and after shots:

 The silverware drawer:

(I do have more forks, btw, but we had some friends over the night before so they were all in the dishwasher!)

The utensils drawer:

The dish-towels-and-kitchen-wrap-thingys drawer:

Voila!!!  A tiny bit of orderliness brought to you by Self-Discipline.  With Funding in part by Get-Off-Facebook-and-Do-Something.  In partnership with Stop-Whining-Girlfriend!


Leeann said...

Looks great, Lori!

Denise said...


Laura said...

I could easily have written this same post this weekend, even including utensils! Except I don't have drawers, I have crocks full of utensils. well, now I have two tiny drawers I can store used but little used utensils in, they were formerlly junk drawers. This weekend, I organized about five spaces and I feel so much lighter and free and, like you, less unsuccessful. Thanks for posting the inspiration! Laura


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