Sunday, April 1, 2012
Hi! I'm Lori and once upon a time I used to blog here. Then real life interfered.

But right now I'm on Spring Break. And I have one glorious week (almost) all to myself. Both the kids are away for the break and I am blissfully enjoying my quiet, able-to-stay-clean-for-more-than-six-minutes house.

Where, you might ask, are the kids? I'm not sure you'll believe it if I tell you. I certainly never dreamed of taking such amazing trips when I was in school. Emily is in Paris with her French teacher and about 20 other kids, soaking up culture and language. Daniel is in Nepal, ministering at an orphanage and trekking tomorrow to an isolated village to share the gospel and pray with people for salvation and healing. About 23 kids, plus leaders from the youth group, are part of this trip.

When I was in school, the big excitement of spring break came if the roller rink had daytime sessions.

Otherwise, life is good. I love my job, the weather has been A-MAZING this winter here in Doha, we are planning our trip back to the U.S. in the summer during which time we will make several college visits for Emily. Hard to believe that that little baby girl I used to sit and rock to sleep as her tiny little fingers grasped the hair at the nape of my neck is now making college plans.

And so life goes.


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