Monday, July 27, 2009

Ah, Bliss!!

We arrived safely in Jordan and it's like heaven next to Qatar. There is greenery, scenery and blue skies.

I've got to keep this quick as I'm on my brother-in-law's office computer and he's waiting for it, but I'm happy to report that all the problems of last year have vanished. All the kids are getting along fabulously, everyone is much less stressed and we are having a great time.

I'll check back in when I can.


Leeann said...

So glad to hear that all is going so well! You needed a break!

stacey said...

have a great time!

e-Mom said...

Marvellous! Good news!



Claire said...

I hope you can check back soon! I went to a site all about Jordan, because I was wondering if you have to wear the coverings, but it appears it's a very liberal place, and westerners are comfortable there. That's so cool! I wish you posted pictures, because I would love to see what things are like there.

Glad things are working out well. Hope your visit is wonderful.


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