Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Million Tiny Pieces (of Information, That Is)

Wow - it's done.  We moved.  

We moved fast.  We moved hard.  We moved until we were ready to drop and were left crying, in fetal position, on the crowded, dirty floor of our new home.  (Of course, that may have just been me.  Hubby is just slightly more in control of his emotions.)

And the house?  It's fabulous!  It's about half the size of our previous house, but it's so much better designed.  Here are some things I love about it:

The dishwasher is right next to the sink where it belongs, not across the room.  The bathtub is wide enough that I don't have to have my arms pinned to my sides when taking a nice hot bubble bath.  Oh, and the hot water heater must have some kind of control on it, because I haven't been burned once!!  Amazing!!   There's tons of cabinet space.  Their are closets.  Closets, people.  You never realize how much you appreciate something until you don't have it.

We are still working on getting everything in place, but once that's done, I'll post some pictures.  I'm excited to show it off, I just don't think you'd enjoy seeing the chaos that it is now.

Moving on, yesterday was a big, albeit unpleasant one, for my kids.  Braces went on!!  Emily just got hers on the top, bottom to come later.  Daniel only got them on his two front teeth for now, pending some necessary extractions.  But I'm amazed.  He has always had a huge gap between his two front teeth and in just a matter of hours, it was almost gone.  The doctor said it will be completely gone by Halloween.  How is that possible?!  He picked red (his favorite color) and Emily got green and orange, the closest she could get to the colors of University of Miami.  Believe it or not, I'm considering doing it as well, but just can't get over having braces in my 40's.  Any thoughts?

I bought my Thanksgiving turkey last night.  No guarantees I'll find them later, so figured I'd better grab one now.  Pumpkin pie filling, however, still eludes me.  I'm thinking I'll do pecan pie instead, but it just won't be the same.  Sigh...

Exciting news for Emily!  She has joined the forensics club here at school and tried out and made the travel team!!  She'll be traveling with the team to tournaments here in the region and competing against other international schools.  She's so excited!!  We are really proud of her and excited too, knowing that forensics is a great way to improve public speaking skills and make her into a more well-rounded person.

Daniel, too, will be getting to travel soon.  As part of the curriculum here at the American School of Doha, all middle schoolers participate in something called Week Without Walls.  Last year, the kids started school during that week, so Emily didn't get to travel, sadly. Daniel did take part, but 6th graders stay here in Doha and do service projects.  This year, he'll get to go to either the United Arab Emirates (Dubai/Abu Dhabi) or Oman in February.  Either one will be exciting.  They'll be doing adventure camps and other activities meant to stretch them and help them grow.  It's a great opportunity for him.

Well, that's our update from here.  It's been a busy week or two, but I'm hoping things will start slowing down now and we will get all settled in the house and in life in general!!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!!


Claire said...

Wonderful! Congratulations on your new home! :)

Nancy M. said...

I am glad to hear y'all are all moved! I can't wait to see your new home!

Tracye said...

Congratulations on the new house!

I got braces in my 30's. Got them off just three months before Cullen was born.

I am (as I type this) wearing my glow-in-the-dark retainer. Hubs laughs sometimes at night when he sees the glow!

I'm VERY glad I got them.

katiesears01 said...

Sorry, I haven't seen pumpkin for months. I start stalking it before summer. Just steamed a massive pumpkin this evening, hope it works out.

Mrs. American Wife said...

Oh, thank God! I am so happy for your move! What a blessing. Your new place sounds fantastic. Can't wait to see pictures. Awesome news about the kids. It all sounds very exciting. As far as braces for you... don't worry about it. I'm planning on getting mine done as well (I'm in my thirties). Go for it!

Mylinda said...

I have a friend who got them in her late 30's and had them off at 40 and she was very glad she did it. As for me, I had them at 12-14 and I've noticed in the last 5 years or so, they're moving. Ugh. Not too badly, but definitely moving. Should I start over? No way, Jose! Not me. Just gonna live with whatever happens. I think if you do it, you'll be very happy, so go for it! :-) And take some pix!! lol

stacey said...

so glad you got moved. exhausting, i know! braces....do it-fun!


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