Thursday, December 17, 2009

At Long Last...

So I am a big, fat liar.

Back during our Thanksgiving/Eid break, I promised to have pictures of our new house up by the end of the week.

Well, that didn't happen. I'm lazy. Sorry. (I think subconsciously I was waiting for Christmas decorations to be up. Everything looks better with Christmas decorations, doesn't it?).

But, finally, here they are. Please be gracious and remember that we are still working on the place. We haven't painted and we still need to find some artwork to grace the walls. But I'm happy with how it is so far.

They are in pretty random order, but here goes!

Let's start with the important thing.

My bathtub.

Finally I can take a nice, deep, luxurious bubble bath. At the old house, I had an awful tub. It was too short, too shallow and too narrow. Trying to take a bath in it was like trying to take a bath in one of those banana split dishes. This one is fabulous!!

This is a view from our dining room to the living room. I love how our front door is all glass and let's in tons of light. Even though this picture is really dark. You'll just have to trust me on this one.

This is just inside the front door looking towards the dining room.

See what I mean about needing artwork on the walls? The whole wall along the right, which you don't see is plain, plain, plain. Blah!

This is the other half of the living room. Since we went from having a living room, family room AND loft in the other house to just having a living room in this house, it required a little creativity in trying to fit in the furniture. So this couch kind of divides the room in half - a tv watching area, and behind it, a sitting area for reading or visiting.

This is from the dining room into the bedroom area. That's our door to the right of the piano. Unfortunately, you won't be seeing the bedrooms. Well, your eyes probably consider themselves fortunate. It's not pretty back there.
This is our piano that we got for free when our church was going to throw it away. Free is good!!!

And here's the living room from the other angle. Don't ya just love my fake poinsettias there in the bucket? I do!!

This is our guest bath. I don't know why I thought you might want to see that. Sorry.

Here's my kitchen. I love it, but it just drives me a little crazy that the table and cabinets don't match.
Call me crazy.

Here's the kitchen from the other side.
See my cute little Santa cookie jar on the counter there? He was cause for much excitement in the house when I bought him. Not, as you might think, because of all the cookies he might hold or because he's so cute, but because...
Wait for it...
He came with a Wal-Mart sticker on him. Wal-Mart. My son was more excited about that than about the cookie jar itself.
It's the little things that make you happy, I guess.

And, here it is. The one item that is most beloved and appreciated in this house, besides my husband.
The dryer. (Do you hear a choir of angels singing?? I do.)
After 18 months of not having a dryer, this little gem is like manna from heaven. Oh, how I love it!!

Here's the front of the house. Well, there's a wall around the house, but here's the front from inside the wall. Doesn't that make you feel special? Like you got to go inside and get a secret scoop??
You should.
See me in the glass of the door there? Hi!!!

And here's our little yard'ish area. (I just can't bring myself to call it a yard.) The pampas grass was already there, but almost dead when we moved in. We've resuscitated it, made the rock border, added the bougainvillea in the center and put in hibiscus along the wall. Hopefully it will all fill in and just be gorgeous someday.

And that's it. Home, sweet home. I cannot tell you how our quality of life has improved since we moved here. Walking to work/school in the mornings. Seeing friends in the neighborhood (remember the bulk of houses in our neighborhood are leased by the school for faculty). Not being looked at like we have three heads. Being part of carpooling since we aren't on the "wrong" side of town. It's been great.
Life is good. God is good.


Leeann said...

Love the pictures.
Love the peek into your new home.

I am so glad that moving helped make the difference.
That's awesome!

Claire said...

GREAT PICS, LORI! It was worth the wait. :) I love your home, but then I thought your other house was nice, as well. :) Merry Christmas!!!

Nancy M. said...

Awesome! Your house looks great! I have lived here 2 years and still haven't put anything on the walls, now that is lazy! Thanks for sharing pics of your home!


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