Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Friendship of a Woman

Yesterday was a bad day.

I suddenly was overcome with a horrible bout of homesickness and spent much of the evening and night crying my eyes out.  

Things here are okay, but just okay, you know?  We are all settled and such, but I don't feel like I've really developed any deep friendships. I've got lots of acquaintances and casual friends, but I haven't found that one woman whom I just click with and call to chat and laugh and hang out with.  It's been two years and I miss that.  

I miss laughing with someone until your sides hurt and crying with them until you can't cry anymore.  I miss girls' nights out and I miss just picking up the phone even though you have nothing to say.  I miss having a girlfriend to go walking with, even though the focus is less on exercise and more on catching up.  I having friends pop in, even when the house is messy.  I miss our small group of couples, sharing joys and heartaches.

I know that God is always with me.  That really does bring me through some bad times.  But there is just something special about the friendships of women.  

We are planning on being here for a little over 3 years more.  I've just got to pray that God brings that one person along for me.  


Ranee @ Arabian Knits said...

We're not in the exact same situation, but I wanted to write to tell you I am there with you. My husband had to switch jobs after a really nasty change at his former job. He loved his work, the people he worked with, the area we lived in, and the people taking over were dishonest, unethical and have been ruining nearly 10 years of his work since they took over. They just don't care. Well, God did have a job for him elsewhere, but it meant that we had to move away from a place we loved, good friends, our church. I have only just made one female friend here, we still don't have a good church, our life has been in disarray and I've been depressed over it. It's hard. Because of the circumstances under which we had to change jobs and move, we are grieving a huge trauma as well and my husband and I hear from people about all of the terrible things that are happening at his former place of work. It is a sad sort of consolation that we were right about how they would run things, but it is depressing none the less. We know God saved us from that situation. But we miss our home and friends and church family. I miss having people I could call and run out with when I needed someone. I miss seeing my prayer group each week. Our children miss their friends, their familiar surroundings, their home. I know eventually this place will feel like home, but right now it does not.

This probably wasn't very encouraging to you, but I wanted you to know that at least you are not alone.

Leeann said...


Hugs honey. I know how that can feel.


Nancy M. said...

Sorry! I hope you'll find a special friend! Even just one would be great!

stacey said...

i understand! it is just so hard to break through to that next level of comfort. some days it just doesn't feel worth the effort. praying for you!

harshika said...

I can relate sooo much to you in this post!!! Stumbled in here from householdmanagement 101 and been reading all your posts since morning...we moved here to dubai from the UK although we are Indians,it has been 4 years and I still dont have a girl friend! To do excatly the same things you mention and above all to pray with..i am a SAHM with a toddler and it is sometimes isolating and very lonely. We have a lovely church but I have often been unable to attend because of the little one's weird sleep patterns over the last few months so havent formed deep friendships. The men get to go out and interact...so hubby is ok i suppose. I however am unable t shake off this lonliness.

So yeah, I so relate to you. Even otherwise, I find you totally similar to me in almost every aspect- eerily so!I found myself nodding hard in every post of yours...ha ha!
Lets hope we settle down emotionaly in our country of res...else it will be tiresome no?

Much hugs and prayers


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