Sunday, January 27, 2013

Where We Are Today

Given that it's been nearly a year since I've blogged and what with my newfound commitment to resume, I thought that a good place to start would be to reintroduce myself and my family.

My name is Lori.  I'm in my mid-40's (technically I still have a few months left until I hit the official "mid" point, but let's not split hairs), I have two teenagers, an amazing husband, and a wonderful rescue dog.  For the past five years we have made our home in the tiny Persian Gulf country of Qatar.

Yep - that's us, right there in that little circle. Just south of Iran and east of Saudi Arabia.  It's a happy little corner of the world.  ;-)

As for me, I'm a former homeschooling mom who now works at the school my children attend.  It's been four years since my children started school, but I still identify myself as a (former) homeschooling mom.  Strange, isn't it?  For so long it was a huge part of my identity.  Working at their school has allowed me to still stay involved and informed.

I'm a Bible-believing Christian who right now is struggling.  Not with my faith.  That hasn't wavered, but I definitely feel that I'm in a desert in more way than one.  Moving here, being removed from our church family, from homeschooling, from my womens' group - it's gotten harder and harder as time has gone on.  I'm praying that God reignites me.  I'm trying to organize a small group of women into a Bible study, hoping that will help.

My husband, known here affectionately as "Hubby," and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary next month.  We are two very different people who were brought together by a pure work of God.  You can read our story here.  Hubby is in the construction industry which, sadly, is still struggling to recover from the economic downturn back home.  This job here in Qatar has allowed us to  not just stay afloat but to pay down quite a bit of debt while allowing us to give our children a top-notch education at a private school here.

Our daughter Emily is 17 - a high school senior.   She can't wait to spread her wings and fly, like most young people her age.  She'll be going to school in Florida; which school is still up in the air. She's received a couple of acceptances already, but is still waiting to hear from a few others before making her final decision.  She's a total drama girl - literally and figuratively!  She's served as the assistant director for the middle school productions two years running, as well as participating in high school productions, and was recently elected as president of the Thespian Society.  She hopes to eventually go into television production.

Daniel is 15 years old.  He is the jokester of the family and keeps me in stitches.  He's unable to stay angry for longer than 2 minutes.  Less if you make a funny face at him.  He founded the archery club at school and is currently getting his toes wet in the world of drama, after much encouragement from his sister, with the lead role in a short one-act play.  He is a total animal lover and is also involved in a fledgling effort at school trying to improve the lives of Doha's many street animals.  It was he who led us to our wonderful rescue dog, Diego.  Diego was the first dog Daniel walked as a volunteer at the local animal shelter and he picked a winner.  He plans on studying criminal justice in college, with hopes of being a K-9 officer.

So that's us.  I hope to get to know you as well over time.  Please feel free to comment and introduce yourselves.  Thanks for dropping by.  :)


Laura said...

Yay for good people in Qatar! So glad you are back to blogging, and happy to fill the comment-tank. There are oases yet for you to explore, Lori. :)

Erica said...

Hi, Lori. So happy to see your blog highlighted in my feed. :)


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