Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Safari Shopping - Score!!

Oh, it was an exciting day today!!  I went to do my normal weekly grocery shopping and found some really exciting things.

Fresh chicken breasts - No IQF chicken breasts over here.  If you buy frozen chicken breasts you get a 2.2 pound lump of freezer-burned horrible chicken breasts.  For some reason, fresh chicken breast are impossible to get at the butcher counter as well.  You can find legs, thighs, gizzards - everything but chicken breasts.

Calgon -  I. Cannot. Wait.  Calgon, take me away!  'Nuff said.

Clorox Clean-up - Please no lectures about using natural cleaners.  There's nothing like some good ol' bleach to get things really clean.

Wheat Thins - Crackers seem to be hit or miss here. Usually I can only find Ritz (blah). Triscuits are my real dream, but they only seem to come in Rosemary and Olive Oil flavor generally.

Lean Cuisine Fettucine Alfredo w/Broccoli & Chicken - yumm-o!

Sadly, there are always some things that I can't find when I need them.  Today's list of elusive prey included alfalfa sprouts, some American brand of frozen pizza, chocolate chip ice cream, and more. And, frustratingly enough, I once again saw the cleaning fluid for Swiffer Wet Jet, but they don't sell Swiffer Wet Jets themselves, nor the cleaning pads to go with them.  Grrr...



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