Saturday, February 21, 2009

Almost Over!!

Well, I've been on hiatus now for about a week and I'm ready to come back. Except I can't.

I don't remember teachers assigning such massive amounts of homework over the weekend when I was a kid. I've been working with my kids Thursday afternoon, an hour or two yesterday and all day and they still are nowhere near done. I'm totally overwhelmed and I'm sure they are too.

Now I know all you moms who have been sending your kids off to school are laughing at me. But let me take off my hat and give you a little bow because you are amazing to have been doing this for years! Trust me - homeschooling is much easier!

I've got other things to say, but no time at the moment - a scale model piano is waiting to be assembled. I'll be back in full swing on Monday, once I get the kiddies off to school tomorrow and catch up on my house maintenance. Thanks for your patience!!


Tracye said...

Wow. That sounds like waaaaaay more than I remember.

Christian's only in first grade, so hers isn't unmanageable.

When I taught (I quit almost two years ago) I don't think any of my students had that much. That sounds pretty heavy to me.

Good luck, and glad to see you back, if only for a minute!

stacey said...

this supports my beef with too much homework for kids! i really have always felt that there should never be more than an hour of homework, maybe a bit more if studying for a test. these kids are in school all day and that is where it should happen.


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