Sunday, February 22, 2009

Collected Thoughts from My Time Away / Menu Plan Monday

** Though I really love blogging, it was nice to have a break and not feel pressured to come up with something interesting to say. Yes, I realized that my life is really not that interesting!

** There is just too dang much homework being assigned in my kids' school. I spent hours upon hours doing homework, studying for tests and helping with projects this weekend. When, exactly, are they supposed to relax and be kids. This is one reason I am such a strong supporter of homeschooling. I'd give anything to still be able to do that here if the situation allowed it.

** My daughter is enrolled in a math class. Not a "scale model construction" class. Why on earth was it necessary to assign this project?!?! (If her math teacher reads this, I still love you, Mrs. L. I just don't think this was necessary - why couldn't they just figure out scale on paper?!?)

** My friend is leaving Doha and is giving me a bunch of stuff!!! Yippee!! I'm so excited - shelving (which I'll use as a pantry), a tri-level corner table, a small table and chairs for my kitchen, a computer desk, a monitor, and more!!! Though I hate it when friends move away, I love it when they bless me with stuff they don't want to move!

** Ok, I think I'm a step closer to going to the doctor. I know, I know - I've been putting it off for a ridiculously long time. But at least I've identified which hospital I want to go to. Now I just need to call and see if I need to make an appointment or just walk in. I've got several issues going on right now that warrant medical attention, unfortunately. I think I have an eye infection (ugh!) and I injured my shoulder while working out about a month ago and it's not healing well. I've got pain most of the time and it's not getting any better, so I guess it's time to do something about it.

** I have a new follower that I know nothing about except that she's Romanian. Welcome!!! Bun venit , prietenul meu! I have a deep love for the Romanian people and at one time hoped to go there to do mission work. God lead me to another call, but my heart still loves the people of Romania.

** So now you see why I needed a break. There just is not too much going on in my brain right now!

Sunday - Cornflake Chicken, rotini with broccolini and garlic, salad

Monday - Salmon, herbed couscous, caesar salad

Tuesday - Lemon & rosemary chicken, roasted potatoes, tossed salad

Wednesday - Shepherd's pie

Thursday - Spaghetti with Italian sausage, tossed salad and garlic bread

Friday - Chicken stir fry and white rice

Saturday - Lentils & rice with a lemon-dressed salad

So that's what we'll be having this week. Thanks for stopping by!! To those of you who have been patient and encouraging to me during my little vacation, thanks!


Anonymous said...

Lori, I'm so glad you are going to the doctor. You will be glad you did. It helps to unload that burden of worry. As far as the homework, I have a couple the homework busy work or are they learning something from it? If you feel it's busy work, can you find out from the teacher what the objective of the homework is? You may want to take a step back from helping too much unless they are truly stuck. This is new to them and it make take them a bit to figure out how to manage it. JMO. We have a guideline of about 10 minutes per grade.

Pamela Fierro said...

I am so very, very glad you're back! You may not think your life is very interesting, but I always love to read what you have to say.

Leeann said...

Welcome back to Blogland, Lori! Not a thing wrong with taking a break when you need it and coming back refreshed.

Your kids do sound like they have a ton of homework. My kids never have that amount of homework so please don't assume all schools are that way. Kate spends less than an hour a day, on average, Chris about the same and Trey about 15 minutes. They have plenty of time for downtime and other activities.

Get in to the doctor soon, hon! I am going to the Gyn for the first time in years this week and the dentist the week after that. Yay me!


Nancy M. said...

See why I don't like regular school? I always ended up doing homework more than I do homeschool now. It's kinda crazy. I hope your kids are still liking it. If so, it's all worth while. I am glad you have decided to go ahead and go to the doctor too. Don't wait around and be in pain. I have to disagree with you, I think your life IS interesting!

Jo said...

Hi Lori - just found your website - wow, Qatar! How can that NOT be exciting? We live in Australia, and are Bible-believing Christians too. We homeschool, but used to public school, so I know a little of your frustration. I guess homeschooling's not allowed there. God bless you, have a good week, Jo.

Misty said...

lori, i'm so glad you're back!! i also love what you have to say!
i didn't know you had a heart for romanians... so do i!! i went twice in college on short term missions, and i'd love to return some day. we'll see what He has in mind. but i love love love RO! :) i only remember a few words: multamesc (yes, the food), fluteras (butterfly), and vrau champagna (do you want champagne?) heehehe...
glad you're back!


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