Sunday, February 8, 2009

Please Pray

Can I please ask for prayers for a sweet kid here in Doha? His name is Micah and he's Emily's age. He's been very sick for several days now and has now been hospitalized. They believe it may be Dengue Fever (which he may have contracted on a recent trip to Malaysia). According to his mom, he will be one sick cookie for a week or so - high fevers and vomiting, so he's very dehydrated.

Micah is a great kid - funny and smart and dead-on in his relationship with God. If you wouldn't mind offering up a prayer for him and his family, I'd really appreciate it!


stacey said...

oh dear, that sounds terrible. hope he recovers quickly!

Marsha said...

I'll certainly be praying.

My daughter and her family are missionaries in Kenya. Malaria is a constant problem for them. My youngest granddaughter, 15 month old Savannah, just had her first bout 10 days ago and is still not back to normal yet.

Anonymous said...

Of course we will include him in our prayers.


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