Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Dream Grocery Shopping Trip

I believe I've mentioned a time or four hundred how frustrating grocery shopping can be here in Doha.  Yes, it's the richest country on the planet, but they can't seem to get things on the shelves with any regularity.  A friend of mine told me of an experience she had at one of the local markets frequented by Westerners.  A certain item was stocked rather irregularly - as soon as it got on the shelves it was cleared out by eager buyers.  And then she couldn't find it for a long time so she asked the manager why.  His reply?  "Oh, madame, we couldn't keep it in stock.  As soon as we got it, it would sell.  We had to stop ordering it!"

So...the object is apparently to stock things that will sit on the shelves and not sell. Interesting business philosophy!

Anyways, here's my list of things that I dream of one day finding on the shelves here:

* Crystal Light Lemonade
* Digiorno Pizza
* Bryer's Peach Ice Cream
* Pepperoni (ha!!  that one will NEVER happen!!)
* Newman's Own Viniagrette
* Captain Crunch Peanut Butter Cereal (this is really Daniel's dream!!)
* Totino's Mexican Style Party Pizza
* Salted peanuts in the shell
* Yogurt covered pretzels
* Hot dog chili (of course, since we don't have hot dogs that may not be that rewarding!!)
* Poppycock's Just the Nuts

Surely there is more, but such treasures are already fading from my memory.  :::sigh:::

Anyone want to send me a care package???


Nancy M. said...

You don't have hot dogs? That is a very strange business practice only keeping what people don't want. I just don't get it? I would totally send you something!

Misty said...

i do... seriously. i'd consider it an honor to send you some american/western treats!!! if you really want something, i'd love to send... my email is mballew13 AT yahoo DOT com if you're interested! :)

stacey said...

i'd send you some ice cream, but....!


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