Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So How Hot Does It Have to Be...

On the way to school this morning Daniel lost a tooth.  A nice, big chunky molar.  

Since we were in the car and I didn't really feel like carrying a bloody tooth around with me all day, I told him to leave it on top of the little storage box in between the front seats of the car.  Then tonight we could leave it for the "tooth fairy" (which he's much too old to believe in but if it means he gets money out of it, he's quite happy to pretend he still does!).

So we get in the car this afternoon after school.  I crank the air up and glance at the thermometer in the rearview mirror - 108 degrees.  That's the outside temp.

Daniel suddenly screams, "My tooth!!!"  

I look down and see that the tooth has shattered into 4 separate pieces.  Apparently it got much hotter than 108 inside the car.  So the question is, how hot does it have to be to shatter a tooth into little shards?

Or maybe the real question is does the tooth fairy have to leave money for 4 teeth?!?!


Nancy M. said...

Sounds a lot like my son, he claims to still believe in everything. But, I know it's because he wants the money or the toys that come with the believing.

I had no idea a tooth would break apart in the heat like that.

ValleyGirl said...

Wow, who knew?! I can't even imagine 108 outside, let alone what that would translate to inside a vehicle parked for a while!! Maybe instead of a single dollar, the tooth fairy could leave four quarters...

stacey said...

that is crazy!

Leeann said...

Oh my gosh, that is outrageous!!

And I love Valley Girl's idea of four quarters. Very smart!

Mrs. American Wife said...

Can I say, "WOW!"


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