Friday, June 12, 2009

Notes from My Life

So I have no big story to tell today. Life has been pretty routine around this place. Here is just a sampling of what's going on.

* The kids had their last day of school yesterday. This means I am officially the parent of a high schooler, but I'm choosing not to think about that!! They had, I think, a very successful year (well, half-year anyways) as their initiation into the world of school. Some hard lessons were learned, some friends were made, and I think they are looking forward to next year. Well..maybe they will be in a month or two!!

* I still have to work for the next week. Ugh. Things are definitely better on the work front, but I am just so looking forward to the summer break. Sleeping in, not having to get dressed up, having a relatively clean house. I actually have to work today, even though it's Friday which is normally a weekend for us. At least I get to go in half an hour late!

* I have come to the conclusion that I care way too much about what other people think about me. Why do I get so worked up about the people who don't absolutely fall in love with me? There is this couple at church who I feel kind of dismissed by. I've tried to help out in their ministry for a year now, but am only given menial jobs to do - nothing of any import. They throw parties that we aren't invited too. They are polite and friendly, but if someone else walks up their attention immediately goes there. And what bothers me most is that it bothers me. They certainly aren't required to invite me to their parties or anything else. I don't know why it weighs on my so much. (And if any of my Doha friends know who I'm talking about, please don't say anything to them - this is MY issue of needing to be liked that I need to get over.)

* We are actively looking for a new house to live in. Although I'm really quite happy with our house, the kids, especially Daniel, would like to be in a compound so he could go out and play with other kids, ride their bikes around, etc. I'd love that for them too. The only thing standing in the way of that is money. Housing is super-expensive here in Doha. Most houses in compounds start at around 15,000 riyals a month. That equals out to $4120. Many are as much as 20,000 riyals ($5500). Our housing allowance is 12,000 riyals a month.

We looked last night at another house in a very pretty little compound. It was 13,000 riyals, but that's what we pay now, chipping in the difference. However, it was way too small, the built-in appliances were too small and looked like they were from the 70's, there was water-damage to the laminate counter-top and the kitchen smelled from it, the upstairs flooring was horrendous and it was only three bedrooms, three bathrooms (we now have a 5/5). Any one of those things would be acceptable, but together? We decided to pass.

That's the biggest stuff, I guess. I'm off to go get ready for work.

Five. More. Days.


Melissa said...

Lori, I am in a similar situation with a couple that we know from church. You are just need to not let it bother you so much and take it personally. In my case, I just came to the conclusion that we don't click and I would direct my energies elsewhere. There are good friends out there to be found and I am sure you will find them when the time is right.


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