Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Interesting Facts About Saudi Arabian Hotels

 - Much like American hotels have Gideon Bibles, Saudi hotels have copies of the Koran, along with a prayer rug

- Some Saudi hotels have signs on the ceiling pointing towards Mecca, so Muslims know which way to pray

- Toilets may not face Mecca

- Toilets have, in addition (hopefully!) to toilet paper, little sprayers to clean oneself with.  Kind of like the ones by your kitchen sink.

- Apparently the tv's are merely decorative because we have yet to figure out how to turn one on

- Beds are as hard as sleeping on a slab of concrete

- So are the sofas

- If you are sleeping on the sofa, don't be surprised if there are multiple bars poking into your back.


Nancy M. said...

Funny! You wouldn't think it would be that hard to turn on a tv?

stacey said...

that tv thing is so perplexing!! looks like the trip has been great!


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