Monday, August 10, 2009

Photos from Our Trip

In backward order (because I stupidly loaded them that way and now I'm too lazy to re-arrange them), here are some photos from our trip so far:

This is Daniel with his cousin at the Treasury in Petra.  Daniel is in red.

Here they are after having climbed to the highest point of Petra, the Monastery.

Here's me by the banks of the Jordan River.

And here's Emily at the Jordan River as well.  Can you tell how stinkin' hot it was?  About a billion and three degrees or so!  Still it was an amazing experience.

Here's a sign with the explanation of why they believe this is the true baptism site of Jesus.  I'm hoping if you click on it you will be able to read it.

This is where they say the baptism site is.  As I think I mentioned, it's now away from the Jordan River, which has changed course over time, but you can still see the remains of the ancient churches which were built to commemorate the site.

Here are Emily and Daniel at Mount Nebo, the place where Moses looked out over the Promised Land.

This staff with a serpent wrapped around it commemorates this spot where Moses saw the Promised Land.  You can't tell from the photo, but the entire sculpture is made up of small votive candle holders and, according to my father-in-law, you used to be able to see the sculpture lit up from the candles all the way from Jerusalem.  Air quality has diminished now to the point that it isn't possible, but it's neat to think about.

Here's Daniel at the Roman Amphitheater in downtown Amman.

Miss Emily during our very looooooong drive through Saudi Arabia. She occupied herself for a bit by taking silly shots of herself.    I like this one the best.

Driving through Saudi Arabia (yes, it looked that barren ALL the way!!) we passed a small pick-up truck carrying some unusual cargo - a camel!!

That's it for now.  I'll try to post some more pictures after we get home.  We head out tomorrow.  Even though we are all going to miss Amman and our family here, I think we are all ready to get home to our own place and normal life.  We'll drive into Doha on Thursday night and I'll start work again (grrrr...) on Sunday so I'll have a couple of days to unpack and restock the house before getting back into the grind.

Have a great day!!


Debbie said...

Lori, I loved seeing the photos of your trip. Since my married last name is Petras, I hope to visit Petra one day. The Jordan River looks so different than I thought it would. I laughed seeing the camel in the back of that truck.

How unique different parts of the world are. I'm fascinated by it all. Your children are getting quite an education as you venture to new places.

I'm glad I checked back in with you today.

ValleyGirl said...

Very cool places you visited!! Thanks for sharing some pictures!

Leeann said...

Thank you for the update with the pictures. That was mighty fun to see!

Nancy M. said...

Wow! Great pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them! It must be awesome to see those sites in real life. It sounds as though y'all had a great trip! I hope your trip home is a safe one!

TJ said...

Amazing to see what might be the spot where Jesus himself was baptized. So much different from the baptismal you find inside the church building. wow! While I don't know that I'll ever visit so many of these biblical places, I'm glad for the internet, and for you posting this!

Claire said...

Thank you! :) Great pictures! You can read that plaque perfectly if you click on it, so that worked great.

I'll probably never get to the Middle East, but it's neat to see how similar and how different it is compared to home.

JavaMama said...

Wow, that is amazing. Loved looking at all the photos or your trip... the camel is hilarious :0).

Mylinda said...

It sounds so weird hearing you say "get back to work". I miss you being here and hanging out with us!! I'm getting ready to get back into "the grind", too. Ugh. Ashton's going to school this year at RM for culinary arts, but Savannah will be homeschooled again....long story. Actually, she'll be schooling herself with me only there for helping and fascilitating. I'll really be "schooling" just the boys. Now THAT will be fun!! Wish you were here, but I'm glad you had fun with your family! Love ya! :-)


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