Monday, December 24, 2007

101 in 1001 - Updated!

Update: I've got 47 out of the 101 finished, so I'm close to half way done with still 14 months to go. Several of the things will get checked off the list while we are in the process of moving. Unfortunately, the moving will also make some of the items either difficult or impossible to do, so I'm going to need to replace some of the original goals. Those items are in red, with the replacement goal next to it in black as I think of them.

Some of you have already heard of my attempt to complete 101 things in 1001 days. Feel free to skip this post!

For those of you who think I'm speaking in some kind of binary language, let me explain. I came across this idea at Enjoy the Journey and thought it was wonderful. The idea is to come up with a list of things you'd like to accomplish, but with a reasonable time frame. 1001 days comes up to about 2.75 years. That way, you still have a deadline approaching, but should you miss doing something (say going to a sunrise service on Easter morning), you still have the chance to do it the next year.

So here is my amended list. I made some changes once I thought about it and realized that some things didn't really matter that much to me. And since it's my list, I can do that! Things that are completed will be bolded with the date next to it. Some things may just have a note about the progress.

The List
Begun 7/12/06 - Deadline 4/8/09

Updated: 1/30/08

  1. Read through the Bible start to finish (currently in i Kings)
  2. Go a week with no tv (8/8/06)
  3. Memorize a verse a week
  4. Do a 24 hour fast
  5. Start journaling again (June 2007)
  6. Watch a sunrise on the beach by myself
  7. Do Advent readings and an Advent wreath
  8. Go an entire week without saying anything negative about anyone
  9. Go away for a weekend alone with my husband
  10. Take a dance class with my hubby
  11. Keep the desk clean and neat for my husband
  12. Pray for my husband daily
  13. Do not complain about my hubby to anyone (December 2007 - I think I've got a handle on this one)
  14. Throw my husband a surprise birthday party (he's never had a birthday party in his entire life!)
  15. Iron a week ahead of time for at least one month (December 2007)
  16. Read and complete all assignments in Fascinating Womanhood
  17. Play pool with hubby ( 7-12-07 - He beat me!!!)
  18. Personal thing between my hubby and myself. No snickering, please!
  19. Take the family to visit a historical site
  20. Take the kids to the Dead Sea
  21. Do a Bible study with my daughter (ok, not a Bible study per se, but we are working our way through Beautiful Girlhood)
  22. Get in the routine of having a fancy Sabbath dinner each week
  23. Take my kids somewhere fun just for the heck of it (8/5/06)
  24. Have a family picnic (7/15/06)
  25. Teach my daughter to cook 14 meals well (she's learned 5 so far)
  26. Cull the bookshelves to make more free space (12/4/06)
  27. Paint the kids' bathrom a pretty color (10/9/06)
  28. Keep the van clean for one month (8/15/06)
  29. Organize the linen closets (12/5/06) and yet it needs done again!
  30. Take a one week Internet vacation
  31. Go through the house ruthlessly and get rid of excess stuff (12/1/06 and ongoing)
  32. Rip all my cd's (03/05/07)
  33. Do all the filing that has been piling up (9/29/06)
  34. Make a household inventory for insurance purposes (1/30/08)
  35. Sort jewelry box and get rid of items I'll never wear (7/26/06)
  36. Find a workable system for organizing the home (December 2007 - Finally, a place for everything and everything in its place!!!)
  37. Use the crockpot once a week (no date as this is a process)
  38. Save $1000 for my personal discretionary emergency fund
  39. Have enough in the pantry that I could skip grocery shopping for two weeks
  40. Pay off all debt except for the house
  41. Have a mega garage sale to get rid of stuff (12/06/06)
  42. Figure out the Prepaid college fund account and get up to date (7/24/06)
  43. Get driver's license corrected (5/20/07)
  44. Use up all the lotions, cosmetics, etc. before buying more (December 2007)
  45. Get highlights (March 2008)
  46. Grow a vegetable garden (August 2007)
  47. Learn Arabic through Rosetta Stone
  48. Take a seminary class I find interesting (Won't be able to do this now due to move)
  49. Take a homemaking class (07/07))
  50. Start a blog (6/11/07)
  51. Learn to make kanaffe, an Arabic dessert (1/1/07)
  52. Learn to make movies on the computer (10/11/07 - Thanks, Emily!!)
  53. Read a classic book every couple of months (have read 6 so far)
  54. Learn a new recipe each month
  55. Take advantage of the free museum nights here in town
  56. Learn how to make P.F. Chang's Lettuce Wraps (6/14/07 - They were yummy!)
  57. Make bread from scratch (September 24, 2007 - Yum!)
  58. Make pizza from scratch (May 2008)
  59. See a Broadway show
  60. Get a Wii (great for those hot days in Qatari summers - at least we'll be up and about rather than lying on the couch) (March 2008)
  61. Go to a concert (September 11, 2007)
  62. Host a fancy dinner party (August 17, 2007)
  63. Get all the fish in Animal Crossing (7/13/06 - see how lame I am?)
  64. Go to a U-pic for strawberries and tomatoes (1/17/08 - oh my gosh - Delish!!)
  65. See Shakespeare in the park (7/15/06)
  66. Take kids to a drive-in movie
  67. Fall asleep on a blanket in the backyard
  68. Visit the Burj Al-Arab
  69. Go for a walk in the rain (March 2008)
  70. Donate blood twice a year
  71. Watch a meteor shower (August 28, 2007)
  72. Get my weight down to 140
  73. Drink only water for one week (October 9, 2007)
  74. Walk 30 minutes a day
  75. Get my eating under control
  76. Find a form of exercise I really enjoy (6/12/07 - swimming!!)
  77. See a dermatologist about rosacea (9/28/06)
  78. Take vitamins daily
  79. Floss every day for at least a month
  80. Try a fruit I've never tried before (12/22/06 - papaya and carambola)
  81. Go to bed by 10 pm for a month
  82. Don't eat after 8 pm for a month
  83. Feel better at 40 than I did at 30
  84. Find a doctor I like
  85. Try edamame (1/13/07)
  86. Spend a day at the spa (pedicure, manicure, massage and facial)
  87. Buy some nice new pj's - not to fancy or to sloppy looking (9/30/06)
  88. Get a good tan (please no lectures!)
  89. Start wearing shoes in the house
  90. Get braces
  91. Get teeth professionally whitened
  92. Go shopping at Ann Taylor
  93. Do a full skin-care routine for a month
  94. Find a good red lipstick
  95. Be able to tuck in my shirt and like the way I look
  96. Grow my hair long (10/1/06)
  97. Find a great brown leather purse (7/21/06)
  98. Move out of South Florida (March 26, 2008!!!)
  99. Send out Christmas cards in early December
  100. Stop interrupting people (much improvement here, but not completely under control)
  101. Make a new 101 list when this one is completed


Leeann said...

Hey Lor,

What did your dermatologist say about rosacea. I have it and it is getting worse. I need to start some kind of treatment but I am just so lazy!


Lori said...

I emailed you, but will answer here for anyone else curious. She recommended using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer. She also prescribed a topical gel called Metrogel, but I haven't noticed much of a difference if I use it or not. You might just want to try the Cetaphil products. They seem to really help.

Mylinda said...

Hey Lori,
Thanks for sharing your blog with me! It's wonderful! You're such a better writer than me!! Argh! :-) I just love your list! Maybe I'll start one, hmmm... :-)

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I think you're doing great and really making progress! :) I love my 101 list because it has motivated more than any other "to do" list.

Charity said...

I had never heard of 101 in 1001, but now I have my own list!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list.......I almost forgot about my own driver's license update which expires in about 11 days....glad I ran into your post!


Misha said...

Got a great easy pizza dough recipe if you want one. I made my first pizza this year and it wasn't too difficult! Definitely try and it's great as a homeschooling activity!! ;)

Good luck in accomplishing all your goals! I don't think I'd be able to do half of them!

Rachel R. said...

I just found your site via a Google search for the 101/1001 list. (I'm in the midst of making my own list, and was having trouble finding like-valued people's lists to use for ideas. So I searched for the list and "Christian" and "homeschool" and here I am. :) ) I have added you to my feed-reader, so I expect to be back!

Elizabeth said...

I'm happy to stumble across this idea! I'm starting my own! Thanks :)

Patricia said...

Hello. I ran across this looking through some of the blogs I read. I had never heard of this before, but I will be getting a list of my own together.

As to your "good tan", no lecture of negative comments, as I sunbathe (or actually tan as I swim) during the summer here in Alabama. I just wanted to remind you to be sure you use your sunblock, at first especially, to avoid a bad burn! Happy tanning, when you get around to it.


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