Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Living Well

Well, holding fast to the cliche of better late than never, here I am posting my first Live Well Wednesday post. I've been thinking about joining for quite some time, but it just seemed that in the middle of a move to the other side of the world that there was too much to think about besides, you know, me.

But I think that's a big part of my problem. I'm always putting something else ahead of taking care of myself. Not that I'm a martyr, mind you. Often, that thing that I'm putting ahead of caring for myself is just my own foolish desires - staying up too late watching tv, eating junk food just because I like it, etc. It seems as if I don't value the body which God has given me highly enough. And so I let it fall apart.

Oftentimes I'll be overwhelmed with guilt and shame about it. Being an overweight person is a shameful experience, let me tell you. But instead of allowing that to motivate me to change, somehow it sends me into a downward spiral of self-recrimination. Which leads to more shame and guilt.

I make grand plans to go on big exercise and diet kicks. And then, just days into it, I give up.

My new plan as I begin to "live well" is to just try to modify slowly my life; to make healthier choices, to be more active, to sleep more, to take care of this one and only body which God has gifted me with.

Some of the things I want to work on:

*** Drinking more water *** I have a wicked addiction to soda. Having moved to the Middle East I am already noticing a difference in the amount of water I'm consuming. While I am still drinking Pepsi, the amount has greatly decreased. But my goal is to work my way up to 100 ounces a day.

*** Make better eating choices *** I won't eat perfectly. I need to accept that. But I need to not give up and binge everytime I make a mistake. I have started to start using fruits, nuts and seeds as snacks rather than chips. That should be easier here because chips cost much more here than in the States, so it will be easier on my wallet as well.

*** Stop eating at night *** My biggest pitfall seems to be at night once everyone else goes to bed. I stay up with the excuse that I "need some alone time." After all, I'm a homeschooling mother! But in reality I graze constantly once everyone's asleep.

*** Sleep more *** Right on par with the above item is I NEED MORE SLEEP!!! I generally go to bed around 1 am. Here in Doha, the sun comes up so early that I'm only getting 4 or 5 hours sleep. This morning, for instance, I woke up, lay in bed for several minutes, finally got up and took a looooong shower. I got out, got dressed, did my hair and makeup and started down the stairs, when I heard my husband moving around. I was shocked to discover that it was only 6:05!!! So I really need to work on getting to bed between 10:30 and 11:00. Not to mention getting a clock so I'll know what time it is!

*** Be more active *** I'm not promising myself that I am going to exercise for an hour a day or any of that. I just, at this point, need to move more. Having 52 stairs in my house is helping. I may have "buns of steel" before we move back to the States!! Also, the more physical housework that I've been doing is contributing towards physical movement. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

So, the bottom line of all of this? I do want to live well. I want to enjoy my life with my husband and kids. I want to be physically ready for all that God calls me to. I want to have energy and exuberance for this life. I want to love my life.

Thanks for sticking through reading this. I look forward to getting to know you other LWW participants and encouraging each other!


A Stone Gatherer said...

Lori - welcome to the journey! The women in this group are so encouraging! You will not be disappointed! Wonderful goals that you have! God will give you the victory!

stacey said...

That is really the best way to lose weight is to live healthier! Doesn't always mean it is easy! I do emails for my current weight-loss challenge group. If you want, I can send some of them to you and you might get some new ideas!

Juliet said...

Hi Lori, Thanks for getting involved with Live Well- it led me to your blog, and more specifically, you posts from last year about overload!!!! It is something I am really challenged with at the moment,I'm not sure yet what I should do about it, I'm asking God for guidance, but not turfing anything just yet. (Of course right now I feel like chucking all my activities in, but that's not the right time to be making a hasty decision!!) I'm believing God will help me in this area soon. Thanks for your encouragement in this direction! God bless!

Marsha said...

Hi Lori!
You've made some great choices for areas to work on. Now stick to your plan. When you get a chance, come over to my blog and take a look at my post from last week's Live Well Wednesday about the SMART plan. I've heard from several ladies that it was helpful. I know it's helping me to stay on task.
I'm so glad you've joined us! I haven't looked in on you since before your move. I'll have to check through your posts and see what you decided about school. If I recall you were thinking about having the children go to a school over there rather than home school.
Have a blessed week and Live Well!

ValleyGirl said...

Welcome aboard, Lori!!! I think your goals fit right in with the mentality around here. I'd love for the pounds to just melt off and to instantly be better at planning healthy meals and snacks, but I know that's not going to happen. After probably 20 years of obsessing about my weight, I've just STOPPED! I still don't want to be this weight, but I'm in the process of completely shifting my focus from weight loss to simply living the way I think God wants for me to live and treating my body accordingly. I think it was actually after a post you wrote that I decided to pack away my scale and not let it heap condemnation on me anymore. I still check it periodically, but not several times a week like before. I want this journey to be about simply being the best me I can.

Love Bears All Things said...

Welcome, Lori, to Live Well Wednesdays. Not a diet, but a way of life. Sounds like you have the right goals. Do you journal? I find that helps me so much as long as I use it to track food intake, scripture, prayers as well as what is going on in my life. I think you will want to record your days there in another country. Sounds like a challenge in itself.
As for guilt and shame, you know, I think the enemy tempts us to endulge and then comes back to shame us and make us feel unworthy. We have to work hard to get his voice out of our heads. Find something to do at night that takes your mind off grazing. Handwork of some kind helps me.
By the way, I loved the quote from Longfellow and copied it into my journal. Until next week,
Mama Bear

Juliet said...

Hi Lori, I laughed when I read your reply: "You sound a lot like me, but more "together."" Don't know about that- I saw those room pictures, and they look remarkably similar to some spots in my house!!! Don't know if you know about the 4 personality types, but I am a sanguine, very good at looking "together" and keeping everyone entertained, while underneath, perhaps very dysfunctional... Think the Barbara Johnson type- Stick a Geranium in your Hat, and be Happy... well that's me, only I'm a good 30 years younger than Barbara, and probably wouldn't be seen sporting a geranium in my hat... unless of course it is a fancy dress occasion, in which case, I go all out!! Looking forward to chatting more, but signing off now, as it's 12:07 am here in Aust. Gotta get my beauty sleep! God bless!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Welcome! Sounds like you have great goals to start out with and the right mind set. It is a journey-I lifelong process of taking care of this one and only body GOd gave us-that is right on!

Bobbie said...

Welcome to living well Wednesday! I hope you really enjoy yourself here- these ladies are so wonderful. I know everyone will be very encouraging to you. Slow and steady is what will give you results- and choosing to live well, with God's help! I look forward to visiting with you eac Wednesday.

Kathleen Marie said...

Welcome! What a great post and I love all the suggestions. I do know how you feel...been there but I love the encouragement this group gives me and I give all the shame I feel about my body to God...Just lay it at the alter.

Thanks so much and God Bless!

Becky said...

I'm new too and my goals/needs are very much the same! Thanks for sharing!

Mylinda said...

Well, I've decided to do two things to start with: one is to cut out all soda and drink more water and two is to cut out fried foods. I don't actually make a lot of fried foods, but I like them and eat them when I'm out. I know these are just baby steps, but it's a step in the right direction and once I get comfortable with these, I'll make some other small changes. I'm glad to hear you're making changes, too. Now that your family is reunited, you'll be better able to do what needs to be done for you. Miss ya! :-)

Darlene said...

Welcome to your first LWW week! You have made some really solid decisions, that would definitely make a change. Thanks for the inspiration!

Tracye said...

Have you been looking in my windows??? I swear you just posted EVERYTHING I need to work on.

I think I'll go see what LWW is all about... good luck to you!


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