Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Now We're Cookin' With Gas!

No, seriously! One of the many steps of progress I've made in the last few days is that I finally figured out the stove. In fact, just tonight for dinner I used it to make Pepperidge Farm 5 Cheese Garlic Bread.

"5 Cheese Garlic Bread" in Qatar, Lori?" you may ask. That's right. Another step is that I visited Megamart, a local grocery store. Now, I've been to probably 10 different grocery stores since arriving here in Doha, but this? This was heaven. I found so many things that I haven't seen elsewhere. Things like Cool Whip, hot chocolate mix, cake frosting (don't forget that our entire family's birthdays fall in April!), mild flavor olive oil, pepper jack cheese and - most exciting of all - TALL. DRAWSTRING. GARBAGE BAGS. I know, I know. Tr to contain your excitement.

Then I drove the kiddos and I all the way out to the Villagio mall and then found the nearby Doha Zoo. Just for fun, I took a different way home and found my way just fine, thank you very much.

Tomorrow we will have our satellite service connected so we will have access to several American channels. Most exciting, of course, about this is that I will be able to watch "Lost" again. Oh, how I have missed you, Sawyer. Season 4 doesn't start here until May, so I'll be reminiscing about the good ol' days of Season 3 this month. Charlie was still alive, there wasn't any boat and the biggest worry was to trust Juliet or not.

Oh, and most importantly, I have learned that there is a fine line between your water being just a little on the cool side and "oh, my stinkin' heck, I just burned off a layer of skin!" That line would be just about the thickness of a layer of skin tissue. So that was a good lesson to learn. Those of you who were concerned about our safety here in Doha? The biggest threat to our safety is, apparently, me. What with slicing my thumb open and scalding myself every time I turn on the water or stove I may not have much feeling left in my hands by the time we are ready to move back to the U.S.

All this is to say is that we are settling into life quite nicely here in Doha. Tonight we went to get our photos taken for our residency permits. Hubby took us to an area that, well, let's just say it's probably not on any tour bus route. I was kind of skeptical, but actually we had a great time browsing the shops while waiting for the photos to be ready. We went into a bakery and picked out some yummy Arabic desserts and breads. We stopped by a paint shop to get a quote and look at colors for painting the interior of our new home. We visited a fruit and vegetable market and picked up some things at a great price. It was really nice.


Karen said...

I am so happy that you have found your mega mart! It sounds like you are settling in.

I don't suppose they have a LifeWay there do they?

Leeann said...


It is the little things that we enjoy that bring us comfort, isn't it? Like Cool Whip! And Frosting!

Although, you REALLY SHOULD make that carrot cake. Totally outstanding.

And pictures, WOMAN! PICTURES!


Erica Herzog said...

I told you that you'd love MegaMart. :) The scalding water only gets worse, by the way, as the weather gets hotter. And, we're heading into the days where it is impossible to get cold water out of the tap. :)

ValleyGirl said...

It sounds wonderful and I'm so happy for you that you found the MegaMart!! Whew! And I hope all the lessons involving the well-being of your hands have now been learned!

Stacey said...

De ja vu! we lived in Korea for 4 years and we had a store called Mega Mart, too! and yes, it was heaven. Even had a McD's inside.

Kathy said...

Hi Lori,
I haven't checked your blog in a while and I see you are doing well, settling into your new location. Sounds like an adventure just getting your bearings and finding your way around town. I enjoy reading about your new surroundings. Can you add pictures soon?

Tracye said...

Yes, pictures!

Seriously, I bet you do feel like Little House on the Prairie. You're brave to try to light that stove... I think I'd just... I don't know what I'd do! Which is probably why God hasn't led us there! Still thinking about and praying for you.

Love Bears All Things said...

Lori, I began watching the old seasons of Lost a few months ago on DVD, never watch series on TV. Well, yesterday, I discovered I could watch it online, Yea!! You can also watch the episodes of season 4 which have aired already. I am still on season 3 but that is how I spent my Sunday afternoon. Just go to
I had to go to wikepedia and look for Qatar to find out where you are. You seem to be near the Persian Gulf. Be sure to share some photos with us. I know it is beautiful there.
Mama Bear


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