Thursday, April 3, 2008

Random Notes

  • New houses make lots of wierd noises. Especially at night.
  • Hooray to Blogger for finally giving us the opportunity to schedule posts to be published at a later time/date!!! I've been dying for this!
  • Grocery shopping here is a sport. A sport very much like roller derby. Shopping carts are 4 wheel drive - all four wheels move freely, making it very interesting. Add in the fact that it's a crowded as DisneyWorld on a summer day and you've got the makings of a stress-inducing trip like you've never seen. I always enjoyed grocery shopping in the States. I think those days are over.
  • My mom got a bird. I know, I know. You don't care. But she tells me about the bird so much that it truly must be a matter of national concern that I'm missing out on over here. It's a white-faced cockatiel named Tater. But you probably already heard that on the nightly news.
  • Who would have thought that my children's new favorite pasttime would be ice skating? In the desert? And yet it is.
  • 'Member what I said about grocery shopping? Well, quadruple that and you have driving. I've made two quick trips so far with Hubby in the car. Today is my first attempt at a real errand. If you never hear from me again, you'll know we fell victim to a Doha roundabout. LOL!
  • I actually LOVE our house. (Well, except for the wierd noises. Like right now it's very windy outside and every exterior door is bumping back and forth.) It's huge and has high hat lights everywhere and beautiful tray ceilings in every room and, did I mention it's huge?, and beautiful floors and granite countertops. Plus I hear birds chirping (though I imagine once it hits, oh, 110 degrees that will stop - LOL!) in the tree next to my bedroom window.
  • Tonight Emily will go to the youth group of our new church. Tomorrow we go to the church itself. Please pray that both she and Daniel, and, oh, heck ME, will make friends quickly and easily.
  • And finally, I promise you (no, I'm not running for President) that this blog is not going to turn into being all about life in the Middle East. I know it's consumed my life in the past couple of months, but I'm going to strive to still make it about what it was designed for - living a simple life at home.

Blessings and much love!!


Karen said...

ummm...because I will never likely live in the middle east, it's okay with me if you want to talk about what it's like. After all, I would want to know what the simple life at home in Greenland would be like if that's where you lived. :) And I know you're just dying to know what life in Kentucky is like. (we wear shoes.) I'm praying for you all and I'm just happy to hear how you're doing.

Mylinda said...

Hey, hearing about life over there is like a free social studies lesson! So, by all means, add info whenever you want. :-) Sounds like the house is beeautiful! Can't wait to see some pix! :-)

Stacey said...

hi - found your blog recently and have enjoyed living vicariously thru your move! so I "third" the motion: keep writing about where you live...after all, it's HOME!


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