Monday, March 31, 2008


That's Arabic for hello.

Yes, we made it safe and sound to Doha, Qatar - a world away from our life in Miami, but hopefully it will be a good life decision for our family.

So far, things are going well. Our furniture is due to be delivered tomorrow, so we will be able to move from our little apartment into our new home either then or the next day. Of course, the kids have been arguing over who gets which room. The third master room (with its own bath) is downstairs and no one wants to be down there alone. I settled it by giving Emily the additional upstairs bath and promising to put either a curtain or folding screen across the hall to her room and bathroom so she will have privacy.

People have been friendly. The kids went ice skating twice so far and have met other kids, while I met a mom and got to know her and got lots of advice. They seem to be settling down, but I'm sure once we get into the house and get a phone and our things and tv it will be much easier.

This Friday we'll go to church and I'm hoping that we will all make some new friends. Especially the kids. Hubby will take Emily to youth group on Thursday night, so hopefully she'll have a head start on us.

Well, that's all for now. I'm off to make the kids lunch. So far we've only eaten out, so this will be my first attempt at cooking here. Nothing fancy, just burgers. But it's intimidating nonetheless to go into the store and try to buy things that are completely unfamiliar and then try to work with them. Things that you thing are pretty basic end up having strange spices or something added so it's not really what you expect.

I'll post more, hopefully with pictures of our new home. God bless and thanks for the encouraging words!!


Mylinda said...

Oh, yea! You've finally written!! Whoo hoo! I knew you would, but we kept checking anyway. I'm glad everything has gone smoothly so far. We've been thinking about you guys this weekend. Thank you for the card you sent me....what a gift to receive after you'd gone. :-) Oh, and can you clarify the time difference? We can't quite figure it out. If it's 8am here, what time is it there for you? And, once it goes back to standard time? I'm glad the kids are settling in and making friends. We knew they would. The day you left, Indy woke up and said, with quivering lips and almost crying, "This is a sad day." I asked why and he said, "Because Daniel and Emily are moving today and because Mamo is going home today." (My mom left on Wed, too.) Poor guy had a tough day, but he's fine now. I'll keep checking your blog, of course, and praying for your (all's) transitions. We already miss you guys! Talk to you soon!
Love ya!

Jendeis said...

So good to hear that you arrived safe and sound. What about the puppy? Continuing good wishes as you settle into your new life. :)

Karen said...

You forgot to tell us about Snow! Of course, we'll forgive you because we're happy you are there and settling in. Ice skating? Um, I would have never guessed that.


Sandy said...

Marhaba -
We were so excited to hear from you yesterday. Glad that you arrived safely. Prayer 5 times a day, cool!
Happy April Fool's Day,too. Is today Emily's birthday?

Tracye said...

It's so good to hear things are going well for you guys!

I've been praying, and will continue to lift you and your family up.


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