Monday, March 3, 2008

Mama Bear Instincts

You know, if someone slights me I don't really get too upset.

But hurt my child and I quake inside from anger.

Our next door neighbors have a son the same age as my child. He's a nice boy, well-mannered. He's over here all the time, to the point that I've joked to Hubby about claiming him on our tax return. Several days a week, several hours each visit. On the other hand, whenever my son wants to go over there, the mom has a headache or is busy cleaning or one of a hundred other reasons. She asks me to keep him quite often when she has appointments or something.

This morning neighbor boy was outside early playing by the lake with a couple of other boys. They were talking about how they were going to go to a local Gameworks later today. My kids thought it was rude that they were talking about it without inviting them, but I smoothed it over. Then this afternoon my kids go outside and figure out that this is neighbor boy's birthday party.

My son had not been invited.

I'm livid. So angry that I'm shaking as I type this. My son is confused and hurt. He considers this boy his best friend. And as we thought back, we realized that neighbor boy had never invited my son for a birthday party the three years we've lived here.

Just yesterday, my daughter took over an invitation to her birthday party. My son would have been delivering one in a few days for his the week after, but now doesn't want to invite him. And to tell you the truth, I'm trying to find a way to rescind the invitation they already got.

I mean, my son is only here for three more weeks. They couldn't have invited him? C'mon. If he's good enough to play with every dang day, he should be good enough to invite to a birthday party. I'm now picturing in my head telling the child the next time he comes to the door that, no, sorry, we're busy, can't play now.

Sorry for ranting. I am a mama bear with a hurt cub right now.


Misty said...

hi there... i've lurked on your site for some time and have been blessed by reading many of your family's accounts and your own musings along the way... i'm so sorry your neighbors hurt your son. as a fellow mama bear, i'd be so sad and shaken myself! hugs!

Amy said...

That is crazy. I can't believe the other mother always has an excuse for Daniel not being able to come inside and the Daniel wasn't invited. When that kid comes to the door you our Daniel should tell him how rude he was. And if I were you I would not hesitate to tell that kid that he can't come over any more. Esspecially tell his mother you can't watch him when she asks. She taking advatage of you. I hope you and your kids have a fantastic time your last3 weeks.

ValleyGirl said... I'm fuming just reading about it!!!! I can't believe the nerve of some people. I second what Amy said. You're totally being used, and so is your son -- although probably more by his friend's mother than the friend himself. Which is even more sad and pathetic. I wonder how the kid felt about not being allowed to invite one of his best friends to his party?

Mrs. Annie said...

How very sad for your boy, but a good lesson about human nature. I say if boy doesn't want neighbor boy there, run with it. Just be prepared if they kiss and make up, kids are funny that way.


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