Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lessons I've Learned So Far

1. When you get on the plane and the air conditioning is not working, and they tell you that it will cool down quickly once we are in the air, that's a lie. I think it cooled down about the time we put on our seatbelts to land in London.
2. Travelling half-way across the world is not the best time to try store-brand feminine hygeine products. 'Nuff said.
3. When they tell you your flight will be the first to use it's brand-spanking new terminal, what the airline really means is that you are guinea pigs. We sat in the plane at the gate for 40 minutes because they couldn't get the jetway out to the plane.

That's our update from London!

Stay tuned for more later!


Leeann said...


Gosh, that sounds like a rough start. At least you landed safely! Gotta find that bright spot! :-)

Soon you'll see Ib...Yay!

Keep the updates coming.


ValleyGirl said...

Ahhhh, the adventure begins!!

Karen said...

I am so glad to be hearing from you! It sounds like you are having an adventure. At least it was in London, England instead of somewhere like Monkeys Eyebrow, Kentucky.

Covering you in prayer,

Amy said...

Sorry, Ladies-only comment:

Instead of store-brand "feminine hygiene" products to save money, try Googling "mooncup" "keeper" or "Diva cup."

Testimonials also indicate a side bonus of reduced or eliminated menstrual pain.

Yes, you have a yuck-factor to jump, but it's surprisingly easy.

Sorry to get so personal in only my 2nd comment, but it's not something many women have heard about.

Blessings on your continuing journey!

Anya said...

Hang in there, Lori!


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