Monday, March 17, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - Crunch Time!!!!

Ok, we are counting down the days now. Nine, to be exact. Nine days until we pick up and move across the world. Nine days until we start our new lives. Nine days until we say good-bye to all we've known our entire married life.

This weekend has been really fun and busy. Friday night Daniel and I went out to dinner and to see "Horton Hears a Who." Very cute movie - I would recommend it. Emily was to sleep over with a friend, but unbeknownst to her, there was a surprise good-bye/birthday party for her put together by our youth pastor's wife and youth intern. She was so excited and had a great time.

Then Saturday was her "official" birthday party. A dozen of her closest friends helped her celebrate - a little early, but nobody seemed to mind. Two of the girls came home and slept over and went to church with us this morning.

Following church we had a church picnic. So much fun and it was really good to just hang out and socialize with people, particularly since our time is going so fast. It's hard to believe that we only have one more Sunday to share with our church family. We've been here for 12 years!! We've built such beautiful friendships and will miss everyone terribly.


Sorry, I don't know how I got down this little trail, but I should probably get on to the week's menu plan. Here we go:

Monday - (Goodbye dinner with friends at P.F. Chang's. Yummy!!!!)

Tuesday - Bezella (an Arabic beef stew served over rice)

Thursday - Stuffed Shells Florentine, caesar salad

Friday - Grilled Chicken, Yellow Rice and steamed green beans

Saturday - Meatloaf, potatoes au gratin

Sunday - Sandwiches, cole slaw and chips

I know that some of these are repeats from a week or two ago. That's due to the fact that I'm trying to use up all the ingredients and remaining food in the house. With the above menu, I think I'm set for the week for groceries. Whoo-hoo!

Thanks to Laura for hosting Menu Plan Monday. It's such a great way to get delicious ideas and recipes. Be sure to check out the many other people participating this week!


stacey said...

wow, it is almost time! i know y'all are nervous but excited!!!

ValleyGirl said...

Wow, only nine more days! It's funny how when our hubbies first left, it felt like it would be forever, and yet all of a sudden, we realize our single motherhoods are very rapidly drawing to a close!! Sounds like you had a wonderful week with close friends.

Leeann said...

It's coming fast! You have done so well without Ib, Lori. And what a reunion you will have.

BTW, check your widget. On my computer it's showing up as 7 hours til you leave!


Anonymous said...

The veggie stew looks great!

UKZoe said...

sorry I'm late commenting. WOW, if I was leaving the country that soon I think we'd be eating out every night because I would be so stressed!


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