Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.

Psalm 119:32


For years, actually since the night Hubby proposed to me, I have had to accept that someday God would lead us to live in the Middle East. It was always there, hanging over me. After our first trip to visit Hubby's family, we got on the plane and he declared that he could "never live there again." Not because of his family, of course, but because of the way of life. So I relaxed a little, thinking I had living in American for life in the bag.

Over the years, his family would mention what a great opportunity it would be for him to look for a job in the Middle East. Whenever it came up, I got a knot in my stomach and instantly shot down the idea. It was a source of tension.

But last summer when his friend approached him about a job, I didn't have that same reaction. Instead, I was calm. I encouraged him to find out more about the job and I began to do my own research.

In my mind, this was truly an act of God. For Him to ease my mind about such a huge change is truly a miracle. I've had a sense of peace about it throughout. The hardest thing was telling my parents. My mom and I are exceptionally close and I knew that this would be very hard on her. But I have to give them credit - after the initial shock wore off, they have been very receptive and encouraging. That could just be an act though - LOL!!!

The verse above speaks to exactly how I feel. I am convinced that this move is exactly what God is calling us to do and, instead of being paralyzed by fear or panic, my heart is free and soaring. God has done so many things to smooth the way that I'm certain we are following His will. Those things are what I am so thankful for today.

  • As mentioned above, my parents reaction has been better than I could have ever imagined.
  • God has supported me and I've drawn closer to him during this time apart from Hubby.
  • He has surrounded us with wonderful friends who have been so helpful and supportive during this time.
  • He has provided us with a lovely home in Doha, which we are all excited about.
  • There is a church which Hubby has found that he thinks we will love - this is an extra blessing and source of encouragement for me.
  • All of our properties now have renters.
  • I think things are going to work with regards to bringing our little dog, Snow. This is especially important to my son, who loves her to the ends of the earth.
  • My children's reactions in general have been great. Emily, while not thrilled about the move (she is a 12 year old girl after all!), is ok with it. Daniel is looking forward to his new life. We are all excited about beginning a new life.
  • This past Sunday we had a special speaker at our church. He was an American former pastor in Iran and now works with Iranian refugees around the world. His message was so encouraging to me that I will be able to make a difference just by being myself and letting the light of God shine through me. This is something I had been struggling with, knowing I cannot be as open as I might normally be there with regards to my faith. It was a great encouragement.

Most of the people we tell about our impending move express shock and concern for our safety. They can't believe we would move our children to what they consider to be an unsafe place, even though it truly is a very safe place. I just laugh and know that we are in God's will. He has set my heart free. When you are in God's will, there's no better place to be!!

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ValleyGirl said...

This is a beautiful post, Lori. The peace is almost tangible. This has been such a huge ordeal and a lot of work for you, but your overall attitude has always been so positive. I'm glad to hear your hubby's found a church he thinks you'll love and that things have worked out with your housing properties here.

wondermommy said...

I'm so glad that you can feel the Lord's will and are willing to follow him. We so often go the way of Jonah and wonder why we were swallowed by a big fish.

Good luck with the things to come. I'll pray that you make the right choices.

Patty said...

This is my 1st visit here. I loved reading your Thankful post. God called my family to move 4 1/2 months ago. I was sad to leave family and friends but at the same time excited of the new beginning and new journey with God. I pray that your move will go smoothly and you all will accolomate to your new surroundings quickly and that God would bless you with great friends who will bring you much joy and support. May God place a shield of protection around you and your family and honor you for your obedience!

Denise said...

Bless your grateful heart sweetie.

Lynn said...

Wow,,, Again Wow,

You know I Psalm 91 came to my mind. When people are afraid they need this psalm. I am so glad you are no fearful but expecting the Lord to handle everything. What a testimony. Wow.

stacey said...

i love this verse!

Melanie said...

Wow -- isn't God great? So glad God has given you and your family such peace about this move.

Erica Herzog said...

I felt the same way about moving here. What church did your husband find? We go to Grace Fellowship. (I think you asked that in a comment on my blog and I didn't answer you yet.)

Darla said...


I look forward to meeting you as well. We will be here all summer and I have a soon to be 13 year old girl who enjoys playing board games and putting things together. Legos, knex, reading. We decorated camels the other day which was quite fun.

When we return in May we are hoping to host a group tie dying party so bring some white t-shirts if you would like to participate.

As for making the transition easier on your children bring a suitcase with fun things for them to do. Unless of course your shipment of household goods will beat you here. The cost of paying for an extra suitcase $85 is so worth it. We brought two. We put in folded up scooters, dvds, board games, small craft projects, read for pleasure books and such. Grandma made them quilts which we put in those bags that suck all the air out and make them flat. They had something in their bedroom that made it homey right away.

The weather has been nice and not too hot yet but it does get to the point it is uncomfortable to be outside in the heat of the day so have things to do inside you and they will be happier. It is less expensive to bring it with you than to purchase it here for most things.

I really enjoyed reading your blog it is great. I think you will like Qatar. Here are some photos of activities we've done as a hs group or as a family.


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