Saturday, March 22, 2008

You Just Can't Stay Mad at a Jamaican

Remember my rant from yesterday? About how awful British Airways is?

Well, today I finally got to speak to the actual booking agent. And I was mad, really mad. I was ready to lay into him with a huge spiel about their horrible customer service.

But he was Jamaican.

Now, living in Miami, I have lots of Jamaican friends. They are truly some of the nicest people on the planet. Their laid-back attitude, their easy-going laugh, and their general good-nature make it impossible to stay mad for long.

This guy was no exception.

The fact that he gave me some good news didn't hurt. Once I explained to him that the health certificate he had in his possession did include her vaccination records (a fact which he overlooked, since he hadn't, you know, read it!), he told me that all I was missing was the import permit from Qatar. Hopefully that will come on Sunday or Monday.

He also told me that the person I spoke to yesterday was wrong and that there is no additional fee to have the dog stay over in London. Well, there is, but it was included in the original estimate of $1150 (did I mention it's going to cost $1150?!!!!). So hopefully there will not be any additional fees that pop up last minute.

Sadly, she will indeed not make it to Doha on the same flight. They are sticking by their 4 hour rule hard and fast. But at least she'll get there. That's what matters, I guess.

In Jamaica, at least.


Ivy Vega from said...

I initially stopped by your site from the MEME from Heart of the Matter. I have truly enjoyed reading a few of your posts.
It's a shame I didn't find your blog sooner. You are are in my backyard sort-of-speak!
Best wishes and paying for your family's safety as you fly in the next few days.
Can't wait to continue reading your posts from Qatar!
Many blessings

ValleyGirl said...

I'm so glad he was able to straighten things out for you!! Hope you're having a happy Easter weekend ~ your last one as a single parent, woo-hoo!!

Jess said...

oh, man, lori. i continue to be amazed at the grace and ease with which you seem to handling all these transitions. i can' wait to read about the next few weeks.


Erica Herzog said...

Ugh! I can feel your pain! :) We had to give up our doggies when we moved to Qatar. Can't wait to meet yours!


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