Friday, March 12, 2010

95 Days

We're finally down into the double-digits!!  Only 95 days until we get to fly back to the US for the summer!  I bought our tickets last night and it seems so close I can taste it.

(That sounded dumb.  What exactly does the US taste like anyways??)

Well, let me tell you what the US tastes like.  Here's a list of all the places my kids and I have been dreaming of and that are on our "must visit" list.

1. Wendy's - Oh, how I have missed you, Frosty!
2. Taco Bell - Yo quiero Taco Bell!
3. P.F. Chang's - Ok, that's just me, not the kids, but, mmm...Mongolian Beef and Chicken Lettuce Wraps
4. Sweet Tomatoes - Best salad bar restaurant - yummy!
5. Panera Bread - need I say more?
6. Cracker Barrel - Okay, honestly, it's more about the shopping than the food.  :)
7. KFC - Yes, we have it here, but they don't offer mashed potatoes and I'm ALL about KFC's mashed potatoes!
8. Wienerschnitzel - Chili dogs, chili dogs and more chili dogs.  A smile just crept onto my face.

I'm thinking that over the course of the next 95 days there will be more lists of what we can't wait for in store here at ye olde blog.  Sorry in advance - we are just a wee bit excited over here!!


Claire said...

I've lived in the same area my entire life; literally, within five square miles in California. I do understand, however, to some extent what you're experiencing. My bff was born and raised here, and she moved to Texas with her family 15 years ago. She has come back to visit a number of times, but they are few and far between. She is coming to visit in a few weeks, and she has a laundry list of places she wants to hit: In 'n Out (TOP PRIORITY), The Getty Museum, a scrapbook store, House of Blues (Sunset Strip), etc. The running joke now when she calls me is "Hi, it's your stalker calling." She's so excited, she calls me several times a day to make plans. :)

I am so excited for you, Lori!

Nancy M. said...

That sounds like a great list! I always try to hit Taco Bell when I'm in the city too! I hope y'all have a great trip!

Chel said...

Panera has recently added a new white macaroni and cheese that is completely out of this world. Had it yesterday for lunch.

stacey said...

I know you are sooo excited! Just saw a Sweet Tomatoes in Dallas and didn't know what it was. Will have to try it out!


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