Monday, March 29, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - March 29

Back again for another edition of Menu Plan Monday!  Two weeks in a row - wow!  I'm on a roll!

We are on Spring Break here this week.  Emily is off in Jordan on an outreach trip with our youth group, Hubby is busy working and Daniel and I are hanging at home relaxing a bit.  I've been on an organizing spree, and boy, can our home use that!  Ever since we moved in to this house in late October, I've just never really found a "home" for lots of things.  Consequently we have been living in chaos and it's contributed a lot to the stress level.  I'm so much more relaxed already and I'm only a few days into getting it all done.  I can't wait until I get everything done and settled.  

This week we are still trying to be frugal and "shopping from home."  Tostadas are a great bargain dish, as are most meatless dishes, and easy to boot.  The Potato Lover's Salad is also very inexpensive to make and it's one of Hubby's and my favorites, full of flavor and delish.  I found a great deal on shrimp this week, inspiring me to make the shrimp scampi. The stuffed squash dish needs just 1/2 lb. of ground beef, rice, squash (very inexpensive here) and a few tomatoes. Our big splurge will be dinner out on Easter, but frugality should also include a splurge once in a while, or everyone becomes miserable, right?

Monday - Tostada bar

Tuesday - Baked shrimp scampi over fettucini, caesar salad

Wednesday - Koosa Mahshi (stuffed squash)

Friday -  Pizza (for lunch - don't forget Friday is our day off here); sandwiches for dinner (then off to the airport to pick up Emily!!)

Saturday - Rosemary and lime chicken (one of Emily's favorites to welcome her home), basmati rice and steamed vegetables

Sunday - We'll be going out out eat to celebrate Easter this year.  Hams are not available here in Qatar, turkeys by themselves cost as much as a meal out anyways, and we will be celebrating two birthdays in our family which fall this week (not mine - yet).  

And now, I'm off to organize my entertainment center cabinets.  Bliss!!!

Happy Monday!

(For more menu ideas, be sure to visit The Organizing Junkie.)



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