Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bugs and Heat

Now in Miami, this would be a whole different post.  Mosquitos there grow to the size of rodeo-type bucking broncos.  And they thrive in the summer heat of Miami, congregating by the thousands at your front door, ready to pounce on you the second you crack the door open.

The kind of bug I'm talking about today, however, is the insidious computerus virusium.  Foolishly, Hubby and I allowed our security software to expire on our home computers and we have been hacked.  Big time.  To the point where the government-run internet provider has blacklisted our IP address and we can't use the internet at home.  Every time we turn on the computer, thousands of warnings pop up - key loggers, email worms, trojan viruses, you name it - I've got it.  Then I was even too scared to attempt to renew our software license because they'd have access to our credit card info.  So we bought new security software, but the hackers are too smart and the system won't allow us to load it. And so, the only solution?  

Wiping out the hard drive and starting clean.

Do you hear my whimper coming out through the speakers of you computer?  Wiping out everything - all the programs, all the documents, all the pictures (though thankfully Hubby had uploaded many of the most special ones to Facebook).  The guys at the computer shop were going to see what could be saved, but we are preparing for the worst.  Sigh...why do people come up with stuff like this?  What kind of people are they?!  (Evil, I tell you! They are just plain evil!)

Ok, now that that little rant is over, let me just update you on what it's like in Qatar at the moment.  Yesterday I had to run the kids over to the school for homework purposes (multiple times!!! grrrr...) since we couldn't use the internet at home.  Once, at about 1 pm, I happened to glance at the thermometer in my rear-view mirror as I got in the car.  It read (drumroll, please!!) 105 degrees.

Now, it dropped pretty rapidly down to a near-chilly 95 degrees.  What on earth am I complaining about?  I mean, here it is mid-March and it's already 95 degrees.  Can you imagine what it will be like around here when summer really arrives?


Nancy M. said...

Sorry about your computer! That is awful! I wish people would just leave others alone. I hope you don't lose everything!

stacey said...

Praying for good news! That totally stinks!


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