Monday, July 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This will be my last Menu Plan Monday for a month or so while we are off visiting Hubby's family in Amman, Jordan. I hope to do quite a bit of cooking while I'm there to relieve some of the burden from my mother-in-law, but doubt that much planning or blogging will be part of it. Sadly, the in-laws have not really embraced the joys of the internet. Something about being in their 70's and 80's or some silly nonsense.

So, being that we'll be leaving for a month and that Hubby will be hear feeding himself for two of those weeks, I'm trying to use up all the perishables in the house. He prefers to eat out when I'm away rather than to try to shop and prepare something. And, yes, I've offered to cook and freeze meals, but he's turned that offer down. So the meals for the next few days (we leave Friday) are all based on what I already have in the house.

Monday - Zesty Mac & Cheese (Velveeta's recipe with a can of Ro*tel added) and a tossed salad

Tuesday - Chicken Parmesan, caesar salad and garlic bread

Wednesday - Vegetable Stew with whole wheat rolls (a great way to use up everything in your veg bin before going away!)

Thursday - Sandwiches and tabbouleh

Now, I know that many of you came here just for Menu Plan Monday, but I hope you will take a second to look at my post down below this one that talks about this blog's mission statement. I think too often during these weekly carnivals, we jump from blog to blog without ever taking the time to get to know the person we are visiting. Which is fine, but it's great to take a little extra time to slow down to get to know the person behind the menus, right? I don't normally do this, but just this once, I hope you will take an extra few seconds to read my mission statement and get to know me a little bit.

I know I'd enjoy getting to know you as well.


stacey said...

i am behind, so i need to multi-task (multi-comment!).

i liked the mini-goals list; might try it. can't commit to study b/c i am still overwhelmed!

enjoyed your blog mission statement; need to go read about doctors, missed that!

you will be MISSED! safe travels! enjoy! hurry back!

(you are so nice to go visit w/o hubby in tow!)

Michelle said...

I do love mpm and a do blog jump,comment and bookmark the blog is what i do.I'd love to stick around and visit.Feel free to come for a cup of tea at my "blog house"Have a good visit with the inlaws.I have a three year daughter who loves Mac & Cheese she thanks you ..

Jess said...

um, did i misunderstand or ARE Y0U NOT GOING TO BLOG FOR A MONTH??? deep breaths. lover jess

Jess said...

ok-i have new handwriting-to-type software and it misread my "love, jess" as "lover jess". SORRY!!

blessedwith5 said...

Hi Lori - I am new to your site - Love it! I guess I need to take time to read your entire blog to catch up!

Have a safe trip!


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