Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sunday Funnies

Updated: Duh!!! I can't believe I just put the URL's in before! Here are the actual videos! Sorry to all those who had to cut and paste!! I was tired!

Ok, if you haven't discovered Tim Hawkins, you are missing out. He's a hysterical Christian comedian that makes me laugh out loud. Here are a couple of clips of his:

1) What happens when corporate sponsors start using worship songs

2) Things men should not say to their wives

3) Tim discusses his favorite Bible verse - or maybe not!

Enjoy & have a great Sunday!!


Cindy said...

My husband and I just had a cheap date watching the video's. We found lots of them to watch. We have never heard of Tim but we really enjoyed what we watched.
I guess we'll have to watch for him.
Thanks for the links.

jennifer said...

thanks for sharing these links! my boys watched almost all of them with me, and we had fun laughing together! especially about the homschooling and parenting ones! i enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about Tim Hawkins. I had not heard of him before. My Husband I loved watching the videos on YouTube. I'm thinking about asking for them for Christmas!! I love reading your blog. My husband was over in Saudi several times, so its very interesting reading about the area.


~~Devita~~ said...

Who is he? He is sooo funny!!! I like those videos. thank you:D:D

stacey said...

my computer speakers are messed up, but i will save this for later!


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