Tuesday, November 25, 2008

If You Are Considering Starting Your Own Blog...

consider seriously whether or not to tell your family about it.

There have been so many funny (and some not so funny) things that I would have loved to post about, but I can't because I know my family reads this.

I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

I just started my blog and I haven't told my family. I also haven't told my local friends because I thought it would get back to my family. But I haven't really written anything incriminating yet. I don't really have any readers, either, LOL. But it is a good way to vent or get my thoughts down.

Leeann said...


For that, you start another blog, which is a private, by invitation only blog.

If you do, put me on your invite list. If you're planning on talking about ME, then screw you.



Annie said...

No one and I mean NO ONE on my side of the family knows abut my blog. LOL.

My children, on the other hand, do. So, when I write about them, I tell them up front and if they really feel strongly about NOT being in print, then I don't.

Oh, but the stories I could tell!

jennifer said...

i stopped by earlier, and i was thinking about your post as i was sauteing my celery and onions for stuffing. i can totally relate! i have some funny stories, too, but they are about some of my most faithful readers, who also happen to be family. so then i was thinking- we should get a couple of us together, and do a guest post on another blog! then we could tell the funny story, without incriminating ourselves!

stacey said...

amen sister! part of me regrets telling family. also, one of my blog friends totally shut down her blog this year b/c friends had been secretly reading and figured out she was telling funny stories about them, even though w/o using names. it was not pretty and i am so sad for her, b/c she was such a good writer. never mean, just funny.


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