Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh, The Perks of Motherhood!

We've had a great week here in Miami. The weather couldn't have been better, our time with our friends has been sweet and it's been great just being in our usual stomping grounds.

But there's always something, right?

Last night, Daniel started throwing up at 2 am and didn't stop until morning. Now he is thankfully sleeping on the couch for the last few hours, but I'm still exhausted. If you get a chance please pray that he feels better (much better!) before our trip to Arizona tomorrow. That's a long time on a plane when you are feeling sick.

To all our friends here in Miami, we have missed you so. It was wonderful seeing you, hugging you, laughing with you. You are the best!


Leeann said...

Not only will I pray for him, but I will pray you two ladies don't catch it either!


Nancy M. said...

I hope he feels better. It would be awful to fly feeling like that.

Tracye said...

Oh, poor baby!

Yes, we'll pray for him!


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