Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Home Maintenance Routines

Last June I shared with you my daily cleaning routines. I think that having a plan is the first step in regaining and then maintaining control of your home, especially for those of us who are, by nature, not Martha Stewart wannabes.

I've updated my routines a little bit and wanted to commit to them here on the blog. Often, just the act of letting someone else in on my plans makes me feel more accountable to follow through with them. Here is my new schedule for keeping our home a place of order:

~Saturday~ Loft, living room, spend one hour on a special project to beautify the home

~Sunday~ Off

~Monday~ Master bedroom and bathroom, guest bedroom and bathroom

~Tuesday~ Laundry room and Daniel's room

~Wednesday~ Kitchen and family room

~Thursday~ Grocery shoppping, any necessary errands

~Friday~ Off

A few notes:

During each day, I have time set aside for "focus cleaning," by which I mean cleaning the area designated for that day. That includes everything that needs to be done in that room: dusting, vacuuming, changing bed linens, straightening up, etc. I used to have a "weekly home blessing" time (which included all those things above) budgeted in (a la Flylady) but decided that, for me, it's easier to break it down into smaller chunks rather than try to do it all at once.

Also, in the previous post I included a "weekly yard blessing" time, but as I explain below, that's no longer necessary.

I've been very blessed that my husband has hired someone to come in and do the work outside of the house, as well as vacuum and mop for me once a week. Honestly, the man spent 3 hours just doing my floors this week, so this is a huge burden off me and I'm so grateful. Now, before any jealousy sets in, remember where I'm living. Services are VERY inexpensive here - I paid the man the equivalent of $18 for over 5 hours of work. I would never have indulged in this back in the States, but the man needs the work and I need the help.

And the final note is one that I'm very proud to share with you. On my previous schedule, one of the days included cleaning Emily's bedroom and bathroom. Since moving here, she has taken such good care of her room. She always keeps it so nice and neat and is enjoying decorating and re-decorating it herself. I'm proud that she is proving to be a mature and responsible young lady, who no longer needs to be told to clean her room. Whoo-hoo!! They do get to that point, ladies!!

If you haven't yet sat down and made a plan for keeping your home organized, and you feel as though you are always behind, give it a shot. Just having a goal for the day, something manageable, will motivate you to get it checked off your list. And before you know it, your home will begin to take shape and be a refuge for you and your family.


Nancy M. said...

I really need to do this, I just keep putting it off. I guess I need to sit down and make a list like you have. I know it has to be broken down for me. I can't stand cleaning for too long at one time. I'm definitely not Martha!

stacey said...

i am so glad you have someone to help you! not an ounce of guilt you should feel!

i hope to work on a house schedule soon! meal planning meals start next week!

Misty said...

i've fallen off the wagon in a bad way.. i too just dusted off my flylady binder.... we can be cleaning buddies!!! i just spent way too much time catching myself up on your posts (no 'net has driven me crazy!)

ValleyGirl said...

I SO need to get into this kind of a routine. Summer is chaotic in every possible way, but now with school starting next week, I'm planning to TRY to change my lazy habits!!


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