Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some Very Kind Friends With Some Very Kind Words

Back at the end of last month while I was away, two very sweet women awarded me with the Brilliante Weblog award.

Mylinda said this: Lori at The Simple Life at Home, who is a friend IRL. She's recently moved oh so far away to Qatar and I miss her very much, but love to keep in touch via email and blogs. She's also very encouraging and seems to be finding a ministry right on her blog to many. I'm glad we've stayed friends!

Misty had this to say: Lori at Simple life at Home: What to say? I can't wait to be you when I grow up? Ok, besides that sounding bad and like you might be old or something, I just think you are so wise and relevant in your writing. I always look forward to reading.

I'm grateful to both of them for their kind words and their friendship. And, just for the record, Misty, I'm young. Extremely young. Would you believe me if I said I was only 24? (I'm not actually saying that (it might be considered a tiny little fitb), I'm just wondering if you'd believe it.)

Now it's my honor to get to bestow this award to some other bloggers who I think are simply, well, brilliant. To be honest, I kind of hate doing this because there are so many wonderful blogs out there that I love to read, so I'm carefully choosing ones that really minister to me and help me to grow as a Christian and as a woman.

First up is Anya of Sanctuary Moment. Not only is her writing beautiful and powerful, she always makes me so thankful for my relationship with Christ. Her blog is like sitting at the feet of a very wise Bible teacher who makes the Word just come alive in a way that relates to me as a wife and mother.

Juliet of Not The Same is chronicling her efforts to change her life and be more Christlike in 2008. I find myself often nodding my head as I read of her challenges and successes.

Jess of Mourning Into Dancing is so open and so...raw...with her writing. Her desire to be in love with Christ first and foremost is so challenging to me. It reminds me of where I want to be in my walk with God.

I know that I was supposed to name more people, but if I start naming all the friends whose blogs I love to read, then surely I will leave someone out and hurt some feelings. But the three above really challenge me and teach me. But there are so many awesome women out there (many of them on my blogroll to the right) that I encourage you to check out.

Thanks again to Mylinda and Misty. I'm honored by your kind words.



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