Sunday, August 24, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Sorry for the double post! I forgot that it was Monday and time for menu planning. Please take a look at the post below - I think it's an important message that many of us need to hear.

Now, on to the menu planning. Since I haven't pulled out my organizer and gotten back to my 8 week menu plan, this week I'm just kind of winging it. Top priority this week - saving money! We've got several expenses coming up that we hadn't planned on: registration for the kids' schooling, a trip to Lebanon for my brother-in-law's wedding (that's right, he didn't get married while we were in Jordan. I'm just a tiny bit annoyed that we all need to spend the extra money to go back over there just a month later because they couldn't make up their minds!), a new ELECTRIC stove (my wonderful Hubby has taken pity on me and my burned and scarred hands - not to mention that everything I've cooked since we have moved in is either burned or undercooked) and I know there's more coming up.

So this week, we are eating from the pantry as much as possible and for those meals which I do need to buy things for, I'm going for inexpensive, but still nutritious.

Monday - Both kids will be away, so Hubby and I will go out for some cheap Arabic food for a date. Whoo-hoo!!!

Tuesday - Tostadas

Wednesday - Corn chowder and biscuits

Thursday - Mezze (an Arabic version of tapas - kubbeh, tabbouleh, cheese, bread, olives, etc.)

Friday - Lentils and rice with a lemon dressed salad

Saturday - Cobb Salad

Sunday - Spaghetti, garlic bread, caesar salad

All of these dishes are fairly inexpensive, so I'm hoping to get out of the grocery store for half our normal bill. Every bit helps, right?

For other ideas in your menu planning, be sure to stop by The Organizing Junkie and check out all the Menu Plan Monday participants!



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