Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin - What Do You Think?

Well, now that Governor Sarah Palin has made her acceptance speech, I'm curious to know what you think. I'm not a huge political animal, but I do have my opinions.

It seems as though there is all manner of discussion going around about Gov. Palin -- whether or not she can balance both being the Vice-President and having 5 children, whether or not she's a good mother for running for office at a time when her family needs her (during the pregnancy and impending nuptials of her daughter, as well as her son's deployment to Iraq, as well as having an infant with special needs).

Personally I think it's atrocious that these questions are being asked. We would NEVER ask these questions of any man running for office. Never. Why is it ok for a man to put his career as a priority, but not for a woman? And particularly when that career offers more than the mere ability to make money, but offers a real chance to make the world a better place for said family? Why, when a man commits his life to a life of public service is he commended as a hero, but a woman is dismissed as a cold-hearted...well, you fill in the blank.

I think it's time that we women stop being our own worst enemies. We homemakers look at women who work and think they are taking the easy way out. Or working women look at homemakers and think they are taking the easy way out. Why can't we all just get along?

All women, regardless of marital status, mothers or not, homemakers or working women deserve the opportunity to feel unjudged for their decisions. We deserve to feel as though we have the right to make decisions based on what is best for ourselves and our families, without criticism from those who don't even know us.

Personally, I am thrilled with Sen. McCain's choice. I think that Gov. Palin represents what many of my friends and I have been saying for years - things would be much different if moms ran the world. From her speech, she seems to be someone who cuts through the nonsense and gets things done.

Private jet? No, thank you. Private chef? Thanks, but no thanks.

This is a woman who got involved in politics in the first place (beginning with her local PTA) to make the world a better place for her kids. Isn't that what all moms want?


Mary said...

First of all, I loved her! She spoke her mind and seems like the type of person that just doesn't deal with the crud of 'politics'. She's there to do the job and do it right. However, as a working mom of one that has recently come to the realization that I just can't have it all, like all the 70's commercial said I could, I have to wonder how she'll handle the job of VP along with mom/wife without something or someone suffering. For the record, I would wonder the same thing about a young father of 5 children. In the past, most of the candidates have been older with grown, or practically grown, children. Anyone, male or female, that is headed for the oval office with a young family is going to have a hard time keeping it all together.

ValleyGirl said...

Here, here!! I totally agree! I completely forgot she was speaking last night; I'd kind of thought I wouldn't mind watching. What better reason to want to change the world than for your family?!

I have to confess I'm not big on the politics of my OWN country and therefore am even more annoyed when all there is on TV is political stuff from The States, but when McCain announced his running mate, I actually did a bit of reading about her! And even kinda wanted to catch her speech. I guess I could probably find it online already.

For what it's worth, I'm rooting for McCain/Palin!!

stacey said...

She ROCKS! LOVE HER! Mommy Zabs (who i linked to earlier) has some great posts and links if you haven't followed along.

Cindy said...

Great post!!
I personally think it's wonderful and what a great advocate for family.

Amy said...

I think she is great and I agree with everything you said. Her husband can br Mister Mom for a few years.

Pamela Fierro said...

I like everything I hear from her and about her.

BUT, I can't quite settle my mind about the fact that she has a five month old (not to mention older kids with their own issues and problems). It's simply not a choice I could ever make for myself and my children. Maybe because I'm too selfish and want all those baby moments for myself. They're too short and sweet. In four years, there's another election. But you never get another chance at babyhood. (Maybe my perspective is different, as my only children are twins, and I only got "one shot" at having babies.) Anyway, I don't condemn her decision; I just couldn't ever do it myself.

As to why no one ever asks male candidates these kinds of questions... Well, because these men have WIVES (or other women) who are mothering their children and taking care of all the family stuff on the back end that allows their husbands to have successful careers. (IMHO) Even if their wives are working and having their own successful careers, I still believe that it is the women who primarily keep things running.

Tracye said...

I agree with you.

I also think she's a wonderful choice.

I feel (slightly!) better about my choice this November.

Mylinda said...

I agree that women can't have it all, no matter what the ads say. Something or someone will suffer. BUT, in this particular case, I see the dad as very supportive of his wife's career choice and I see him stepping up to fill the gap while she serves. I don't think I could (or would want to) make that kind of choice or sacrifice. Again...BUT, I think the Lord places people in certain places at certain times for a purpose. And, I think Gov. Palin is in that place right now. As I understand it, she is a Christian, and if so, hopefully she has prayed about this and sought the Lord's will in this. Now, professionally, I think she's just what McCain needed and that she will be able to run with the big dogs this election season. I just love to hear her speak! She comes across so real and confident and as if she really knows what she wants to accomplish. I always get this "fake" feeling from political candidates, but not her. I feel that I can really identify with her. I am very excited about her in this position and I hope McCain wins and we can see Gov. Palin in action. I'm sure she'll do a wonderful job. :-)

Melissa said...

Say it, sister! ITA with everything you said. I listened to her whole speech and thought she was fantastic. I'm looking forward to hearing more from her.

TJ said...

They interviewed her family on the Today show and she does it because she has a strong family support network. They are always there to help her out.

As a working mom, I think she will have times where one job comes over the other, but then it is not as if you don't see the president taking vacations and spending time with his family. I don't believe this will be anymore taxing than being the chief executive of a state.

nicrogers said...

Here here! I totally agree with everything you said and that is exactly how I feel about her. She is a good representation of all women. She has a family, she has problems with her kids, she is married, she is in love, she had strong moral values, she has a son who will be going to Iraq, she basically represents us all in some capacity and some in more than one way. I think she was a great pic for VP and I am alarmed by the reception she is getting from many feminist. I don't get it? I think the primary reason for the way she is being treated is the libs are scared to death. They were not expecting this.

Traci said...

I do love her! However, I get the questions about the ability to do both jobs (mothering and VP). We are mothers, dads just can't do our job.
All of a sudden I'm realizing that I can't form sentences to make my point! Cut me some slack - it's not yet 7 am!

Leslie said...

Kudos (he he) to Sarah Palin!! We are not all called to do what she is doing, therefore, that's why we're not all governing our states! We all have a calling, and I dont'know about anyone else, but my life is FULL to the brim!! Included in my lifes' activities are many things that don't particularly revolve around my what I am saying is...if Gov. Palin feels called to this position in her life, then we as busy moms need to support her in every way possible! I LOVE her!! She's the real deal! No fancy politicking...a true conservative feminist! I don't think the Dem's thought any existed...and they're dumbfounded!! Ha ha!

As for Cindy McCain...what a woman...I am praying desperately that she will be our first lady! She's another "real deal". She is not one of those 'groomed' for political greatness. She's been an advocate for people in need from day one! What things she will be able to accomplish in the White House! Please God, make it so!

I feel that if Obama and wife are elected, then we're in for some gruelling biblical punishment! But you know what? In the end, (and beg. and middle), God is sovereign, and He will place in power whom ever He deems we I will be accepting of what ever authority He chooses to be President. (But I won't stop praying for McCain/Palin to win).

As for McCain, I didn't start out liking him much, and felt he was the lesser of 2 undesirables...but given his choices of running mates (Cindy and Palin), I feel that he has great integrity, and insight, and feel that he is someone I truly want as my commander and chief!


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