Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stray Thought Saturday

Well, I've been kind of quiet the last couple of days. Just trying to catch up with life, you know?

Thursday is my big cleaning and errand-running day, trying to prepare the home for Hubby's day off on Friday. I'm usually swamped on that day trying to get everything done before he arrives home. I really like the house to be in tip-top shape for his day off. Then Friday is our one day with him, so blogging isn't top on my list of priorities, know what I mean? That's one of the worst things about our move - that Hubby only gets one day off. He's trying to get into a position in the corporate offices - which get off two days and, as a bonus, are only 5 minutes from our house. It would be so great if it happens!

I hate ants. Really. Hate is not to strong of a word.

I'm going to try to post some updated pictures of the house sometime this week. We've finally gotten the living room finished. Wel, for now. Hopefully I'll find something I like better and we'll move this set up to the loft eventually. But I'm just really bad at doing photos and then uploading them, etc., etc. That would also be why I haven't followed up on your tag, Stacey. But my sink? It wouldn't have been shiny.

I'm looking for book recommendations. With no Christian literature being available here, I'd love to pick up plenty of books while I'm in the States. In fact, I'm compiling an order with CBD right now. Anyone have anything really good to recommend?

I read today an article about a Saudi judiciary official who issued a statement saying that's it's perfectly alright for Muslims to kill owners of television networks that broadcast "immoral tv." There was a Turkish soap opera, "Noor" which was huge over here (it ended a couple of weeks ago). We're talking everyone scheduled their lives around it. Even I started watching it while I was in Jordan. (Yes, it was all dubbed into Arabic. No, I couldn't understand it. Yes, I still watched it. Such is my life here.) There was a huge amount of controversy, because it portrayed a contemporary Muslim family dealing with contemporary problems - children born out of wedlock, abortion, suicide attempts, etc. Religious leaders were in an uproar. This statement that it's ok to kill those who promote such shows is clearly linked to this. Hey, if we don't agree with someone, let's kill them! Islam is, at heart, a peaceful religion, my foot.

Well, that's it. I'm all out of random thoughts. Off to feed the kids dinner and then meet Hubby at the gym. The sad thing is with all this working out, I'm not really seeing much of a difference. Some might think I would need to alter my food habits. Eventually. Eventually.


Pamela Fierro said...

Lori -- are you looking only for Christian fiction, or just good reads in general?

Christian fiction:
Everything's Coming up Josey by Susan May Warren (and I think she has a new one out about the same character)
Ghost Writer by Rene Gutteridge
The Shack by William P. Young
Million Dollar Dilemma and The Whitney Chronicles - or any books by Judy Baer
She's All That by Kristin Billerbeck
Sisterchicks series by Robin Jones Gunn
Multiple Blessings about the Gosselin family (twins and sextuplets) comes out on October 14th.
The Potluck Club by Linda Evans Shepherd (and the followups - I think there are 3)
Good reads:
The Other Queen is Philippa Gregory's newest book (I like all her books about Tudor England)
Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond is my book club book for October. It's a very suspsensful, dramatic story about a misisng girl. I haven't finished it yet, but it's really good so far.
The Pillars of the Earth -- verrrry long, but very entertaining book about building a cathedral in medieval England

Pamela Fierro said...

Okay, after I posted that, I wondered if maybe you meant nonfiction books. If so, disregard!

Pennie said...

Ooo... The Shack is an AWESOME book (your first commenter recommended it too!). I would also recommend the book *The Faith Club.* It's a memoir written by a Christian, Muslim, and Jewish woman. Very insightful, at least in my opinion.

Karen said...

Girl, I am going to be sending you a list via facebook so be prepared! Oh, and I tagged you today. You can ignore me if you'd like. :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Me, Myself, and Bob: A True Story about Dreams, God, and Talking Vegetables by Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales. It's all about his rise to the top of the ladder and what God taught him as he watched his company go through bankruptcy. A fascinating and very honest book that reminds us of what really matters in life. Lynn

Misty said...

no book suggestions (which is highly unlike me, for the record, lol) but i wanted you ot know i read what you wrote about islam being passive [that wasnt your word, but i forgot] out loud to my hubby... that was the resounding amen you probably heard.
and the other one you heard was me shivering against the idea of ants. i, too, hate them w/ a pure hatred. ok, that's all. :)

Cindy said...

The Shack is great ~ already mentioned a couple of times.
I just started Blue Like Jazz. My son and a friend both said it was wonderful.
What does your hubby do in Doha? How long to you plan on being there?
Sounds like a wonderul challenge!!
Blessings, Cindy

Erica said...

Hi! It was good to see you today. :) I was just catching up on your blog and you said a few things on this post that I wanted to respond to. First of all, I thought you looked thinner today, so your working out must be making a difference. :) Also, while I was in the States I read some of my mom's new books by Lynn Austin. They're wonderful historic fiction. I read the Chronicles of the Kings which is mostly about Hezekiah. It really made me want to dig into Chronicles and check out the stories in there, which is saying a lot, I think. Also, I read her series about the Civil War. It's three books, one from the perspective of the South, one from the North, and one from a slave perspective. They were really well-written and engaging too.


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