Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday!!

I have so many things in my life to be grateful for today, it's easy to write this post.  Things are going pretty well in life right now.

It seems as though the issues at work have been resolved.  I'm not sure what was said, but the woman we've been having a problem with was called into the principal's office yesterday.  They spoke for about an hour and when she came out it was like she was a different person.  All day today, she's been friendly, helpful and even chatty!  I'm hopeful that the change will last.  It's been so much more pleasant and relaxed. 

Also ever since I went to the doctor again and got an inhaler, I've been sleeping better and feeling better.  May God bless whoever created inhalers and Ventolin.  I'm not a hundred percent up to snuff, but it's nice to be able to breathe deeply without gasping for air.

I had a great day yesterday.  Even though I had to suffer through the Middle School talent show.  There were some really good acts and, well, then there weren't.  I found the pogo sticking set to Arabic music particularly odd.  But I give them props for having the guts to get up and do it on stage!!  Thanks to all of you who dropped by with birthday wishes.  It was so sweet to hear from you!  And special thanks to Hubby, who sent me the most amazing flowers at work.  Even though I specifically told him I wanted him to do that (LOL!!! I'm  a little pushy, huh?!), I didn't really expect him too.  Flowers are extremely expensive here and it was definitely a luxury.

I'm thankful for the changes I'm seeing in my daughter since her trip to Jordan.  While there is still plenty of 14-year-old-girl attitude in her, I do notice that she is beginning to strive to be more Christ-like.  That was my prayer throughout her trip and I'm grateful for His work in her.

God is good.  Our family has gone through so much turmoil and transition in the past 18 months and it has not always been easy.  I've often felt like there would never be light at the end of the tunnel.  But He is faithful and I honestly feel like we have emerged from the tunnel into a beautiful forest.  The sunlight may not be as bright through the tree canopy, but it's there and we can enjoy the journey through the forest until God moves us out into the bright sunshine.

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Denise said...

So glad that God is blessing your family.

Melissa said...

God is indeed faithful! I'm happy that you've had such a good week, and you're feeling better.

Leeann said...

YAY!! What an all around happy post! I am glad things are going so well right now in so many areas.

LAURIE said...

Isn't it great when you can trace the hand of God? He is faithful ... whether we are in the valley or on the mountaintop. I am rejoicing with you over your praised-filled TT post today! -Laurie

Debbie said...

I've been busy and it's been a while since I last visited you. I missed reading your posts about life in the Mid East. You even changed your blog design!

I'm glad to hear things are going well for you at this time in your life. I know you had so many changes but God is good and He does provide.

Laurie Ann said...

Great blessings! Happy Thankful Thursday!

Sandy said...

I enjoyed your list of thankfulness. God is good. Enjoy your blessings.

stacey said...

i don't envy your 14-year old stage. so glad you are feeling better!

Grammy said...

I am so glad you finally see the light at then end of the tunnel. It is an awesome feeling. I too deal with asthma. I will be having sugary on the 29th of may. And hope this will help.

katiesears01 said...

Expensive flowers? You have to try the flower shop in the basement of Royal Plaza.... I know, you'd never guess the best priced flowers would be in Royal Plaza- but you tell them the price you want to pay, and you get a wonderful bouquet!

Happy Belated Birthday!


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