Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Don't Think I Was Cut Out For This Working Thing

I know, I know.  Millions of women work full-time jobs every day.  


I am really trying to figure out how to get everything done.  By the time I get home from work and help the kids with their homework, I'm completely exhausted, dinner isn't cooked, laundry isn't done, and the house looks like a tornado went through it.

Thank goodness today is the last day before spring break.  I plan on spending that time trying to figure out new routines and schedules.  I am the queen of list-making, as my family continually makes fun of me for.  But those routines saved my sanity back when I was homeschooling.  I'm hoping that I can work some of that magic to make this whole working woman thing go a little smoother.

I just really didn't realize how much harder it would be. The big issues I'm struggling with seem to be getting dinner on the table, getting the laundry done and doing the grocery shopping.  The laundry and the grocery shopping are just things that are more difficult here to start with.  With no dryer, the laundry requires much more time to hang everything to dry and then it all needs ironed to be wearable.  Grocery shopping requires at least a stop at two different stores to get everything on my list.  

So by the end of this break, look for some new routines to be posted.  I'm also planning on working on my new 101 in 1001 list.  Between the above-mentioned problems and Emily's pneumonia, I've just not been able to get to it.  But I'm excited to get to some of this stuff.

May I just say that I'm also very excited to sleep in for a few days?!


Anya said...

Lori - it's probably obvious, but I find that the slow-cooker is great. Pop something in it at breakfast time, and it should be close to ready by the time you get home. And as far as laundry goes, I put a load on every night before I head to bed and hang it first thing in the morning. Ten it's ready to come in later in the day when you come home and you haven't wasted time waiting for wash cycles etc. You'll find a workable new system, I know! Enjoy the sleep-ins :)

Mary @ Simple Things said...

So you remember last summer when you posted a link to another blog with a list of questions that a wife/mother could ask herself about how she's doing, what she's doing with her day. I replied because as a full time working mom I was really struggling with how to get it all done and be the mom/wife I know I'm meant to be. You pretty much told me I was being to hard on myself. So now I'm going to tell you...don't be so hard on yourself. My husband and son have made it all these years with iffy meals, laundry in piles and a perpetually messy house. It makes ME crazy, but we are all surviving and even thriving. I'm finally finding my way after a couple of bad years. I know it won't take you that long because you already have the skills that I'm just learning. Hang in there and enjoy spring break!

Nancy M. said...

I'll bet it is hard to work after not working for so many years. This is my first time not working and it's been almost 2 years. I think I would have a hard time working now. You'll figure everything out!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the break - it is really tough!

Leeann said...


I totally hear you. Every time I even try to work a couple of days a week, I have a new respect for moms who leave their homes every day and then come back to what is essentially a second full-time job.

It is incredibly, incredibly hard.


stacey said...

systems are hard to work on when you are in the thick of it. i bet you will come up with some great ideas over the break!

Claire said...

Simply put, no one does it all well. It's just not possible.

I enlist the family to take up the slack. Kids do laundry and clean up, and the girl even cooks. If I'm out there making money to keep the household running, I see no reason I should be the only one taking care of the house.

I don't expect dh to do much around the house, since he's working full-time, plus side jobs almost every night, and most weekends. If he was a 9 to 5 guy, though, you'd better bet he'd be helping around here, too. :)

Wendy said...

Lori- I'd just like to point out that your sister-in-law does not make fun of you for your lists, I LOVE LISTS! There is great satisfaction in crossing things off. Particularly when it feels like nothing is really getting done, marking something off feels good! And as far as getting on top of everything, why? You and hubby pray about and decide together what is really important, let the rest slide. When you were homeschooling, there was no way you could do everything then either, there are too many good things to choose from. You prioritized. Your circumstances have changed, it's okay, even good to let your priorities change as well. You're doing great my dear and all is well. We love you all.


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