Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now I REALLY Win the Bad Mother Award!!!

My daughter has pneumonia.

And I would never have taken her to the doctor.

Thank God for Hubby who has more sense than me.

She's been coughing for a couple of weeks now and it has been getting worse, but I figured it was just something she couldn't shake. No complaints of chest pain or anything. It never even occurred to me to do anything but give her an OTC cough medicine.

Please pray for her. She is going to Jordan on Friday with the youth group for an outreach trip during her spring break. She is supposed to stay home from school for the next two days, but she insists she HAS to go tomorrow because it's her 14th birthday and she doesn't want to miss her friends celebrating it for her. So I guess I'll let her go and then stay home Thursday. But if you wouldn't mind praying for a speedy recovery so she feels better for her trip and is able to fully participate in all their work they've got planned.

And you might want to pray for her mother to be more discerning and sensible.

I'm just sayin'.


Catherine said...

Lori, I love your new blog look! And, no, you are not the worst mother. My daughter assures me that award goes to me for allowing her to get a raging case of tonsillitis while I kept saying it was "just a virus". She likes to say, "And you're a doctor, Mom!!" Hope your daughter gets well very quickly and has a great trip to Jordan.

stacey said...

we are just sensible moms who sometimes wait a tad too long. me included-remember i sent my dtr to school almost a whole week with impetigo.

well wishes for a quick recovery!

Mary @ Simple Things said...

Will be praying for her to be able to go and participate. A mission trip is something every teen should experience.

And I'll just put the "You're kidding...my kid has pneumonia?" award in the mail to you. I'm all finished with it now. (Yes, he had pneumonia and I SWORE he was faking a cough.)

Tracye said...

Don't beat yourself up... we've ALL been there. Maybe not pneumonia, but something that slipped by us.

My husband loves to tell the story of the time the school nurse called his parents to tell them he wouldn't stop faking a stomachache... turns out, his appendix had burst!

You're an awesome mom!

Karen said...

I think kids should come with some kind of button that changes color when their illness is serious enough to go to the doctor. I'm just sayin...

I can't tell you how many times we have done something like that. (the most recent would be the strep episode.) I guess that illness is such a part of life and with the expense of doctors bills and the general busy-ness of life, we just think it'll clear up with some ibuprofen and a glass of orange juice. (except for reflux. reflux and OJ do NOT mix well. But that's a story for another day.) Praying for a swift recovery!

Misty said...

i had to chuckle at this post b/cs i'm recovering from bronchitis after thinking i, too, just couldn't shake a bad cough!!! silly me! after my antibiotic shot and oral meds, i'm feeling like a different person! i hope E was given something similar to aid that speedy recovery! and don't you go beating yourself up!

Leeann said...

Ah, hugs Lori. We've all made not-so-great calls.


when I sent Kate to her room only to find out she had a broken wrist?

when I sent Chris to bed for whining and only discovered, when he failed to appear for dinner, that he had whiplash?

The many times my two boys had ear infections that resulted in burst eardrums because I missed the (vague, not-very-discernable) signs?

Ahem, like I said.. been there!

And I'd watch her carefully. If she is too sick to go to Jordan, then she's too sick to go. There will be other trips.

Hope it all works out!

Nancy M. said...

I usually tend to think it's "just a cold" too! So, don't feel bad. I do hope she has a wonderful birthday and feels better in time for her trip!


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