Saturday, March 21, 2009

My 70's Childhood Memories Come Alive!

Oh, yeah, baby!! Sing it, girl!!

Well, it seems as though I am spending my last days as a woman of leisure. (Ha!!!! Who on earth thinks stay-at-home-moms are women of leisure!?!? People who have never done it, that's who!!!)

The "trial day" went very well on Thursday. I enjoyed the work that I would be doing, as well as the people with whom I'd be working. It was fun, actually. The salary leaves quite a bit to be desired, but when you balance that against having the same schedule as my kids and being able to see them occasionally throughout the day, well, I guess it's worth it in the end.

I haven't officially accepted the job yet, as I am waiting for word if they will include a break in either tuition or some of the fees as part of my compensation package, but I'll probably accept the job either way. (Boy, I hope the human resources manager isn't reading this right now before she decides to offer us that break!!)

So today and tomorrow are my "clean the house like a maniac so it has a hope of staying clean since we will all be out of the house all day" days. I've got a huge to-do list and have to get cracking on it.

Then, of course, I'll have to don my slinky nightgown and high heels and make googly-eyes at Hubby tonight and "never let him forget he's a man!"

'Cause I'm a woman.



Tracye said...

Too, too funny!

I'm glad the trial run went well.

Here's hoping your manic cleaning day isn't too manic.

I've been having that day every day this week... getting baby stuff done. As I type, a load of newborn boy clothes are drying so I can fold and put them away. Last night Hubs and I had a little memory-lane session as we sorted through them all. Four weeks to go!

Leeann said...

Hey girl!

So will you be working five days a week?

I am excited for you! It will be a tough adjustment, I'm sure, but you sound like you are up for the task.

That commercial makes me laugh. I can clearly remember singing it with my babysitter (the second verse) over and over again when I was a little girl in Houston, Texas. I never understood that bacon meant money though. I though the woman had just gone to the grocery store. lol!!

stacey said...

you are crackin' me up!!

Laura said...

Oh, my gosh, I loved this commercial and this was my first "grown up" perfume! I thought I was a WOMAN! thanks for sharing a great memory!

Lori, I've been reading your blog for awhile but can't recall if I've ever commented. I don't recall how I found it either. But I live in Mozambique and I love reading about how you are processing living in a new culture. Your post on traffic could have been written about our streets exactly! And last week I found myself hoping I would find Triscuits on the shelf, my second favorite snack, after Cheez-Its! So thanks for writing!
Bless you as you start a new job!


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