Wednesday, March 18, 2009


all my troubles seemed so far away!

Seriously, yesterday was a pretty great day.

Not only does it appear that I may have found a great job (I will know for sure tomorrow), but there were all these other cool little things that happened that just made me smile.

  • * I found a box of Triscuits. Triscuits!!!! I love them and haven't seen them in months and months. I won't admit to what I paid for them, but they were worth every little dirham (our penny)!!!
  • * I made some yummy black beans and rice for dinner.
  • * Lost was on. Need I say more? How can any woman not love Sawyer?
  • * The ladies on the Women's Ministry Leadership Team were so sweet and encouraging when I informed them I would probably have to step down because of my return to the working world. I hate backing out on a commitment, but they were so gracious and wonderful.
  • * I had a nice chat with one of the other "church" moms last night. Not a big deal, but this is a woman who has kind of seemed to run hot and cold and it was nice that she came over and sat with me and chatted for about 20 minutes.
  • * I got to go to the mall ALL ALONE last night while Emily was at a team meeting for her upcoming missions trip.
  • * During said trip to the mall, I found it! I found it! What, you ask? The newest Jodi Picoult book, Handle With Care. And, to make it even sweeter, it wasn't THAT expensive. More than I would have liked to pay at around $17, but I love her writing so much that it's worth it.

So overall, it was just a sweet day with lots of little moments. And now, I'm off to do my grocery shopping a day early so that I can spend the day tomorrow at the school investigating the new job prospect. Wish me luck!!


Leeann said...

Sounds like a good day indeed! And I think 17$ was an EXCELLENT price for the new Picoult book. The cheapest I have seen it was nearly 16$ and that was at Costco. You probably paid less than you would have at most stores here.


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