Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Interview with a Principal

The interview went well, really well. I told my husband that a monkey could have walked in there and they would probably have hired it. LOL!!

After reviewing my resume, he just had me tell him a little bit about myself and then basically asked if I would be interested in working in this area or that area. When I mentioned something about my experience, he out and out said, "I have no worries about your experience, I'm just trying to see where you are interested in working." He seemed most interested in using me in the 4 year old class, saying it was his hardest to staff, but because of my experience running the preschool program at our church in Miami, I'd be perfect for it.

When I mentioned that I hoped to eventually move into something full-time in administration, he mentioned that several positions in the school library would be opening up in the next school year. So I left thinking I'd sub (pretty regularly, from the impression he gave me) until that happened.

As I was driving home, my cell phone rang. It was the vice-principal of the high school, telling me that he is interested in hiring me for another position. It would be working with the school's computer program which is used to update students and parents with all kinds of information, from grades and attendance to announcements and more.

I will be going in to meet with this man on Thursday, so I'd covet your prayers. It sounds like it would be great, but I want to make sure I do what God wants me to do.


stacey said...

i am sooo glad it went well! it sounds like you may get a position of your choice pretty quickly!!

Misty said...

this is very exciting!!! i pray tht He leads you clearly and distinctly in this matter!!!


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