Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sharing the Comment Love

There is a very interesting discussion going on over at Lightning Online about commenting on blogs. But it's not your typical discussion about how to get your readers to comment or if it's appropriate or not to lurk at your favorite blogs.

The discussion centers on the blogger's response to comments received. What is appropriate? Apparently, some people believe that each and every comment should receive a response. Others feel that only certain, well-thought out and meaningful ones do. And yet other people feel that replying is an optional thing that the blogger may or may not have the time or inclination to do.

First of all, I want to apologize if you've commented here and I've offended you by not getting back to you. I truly value each and every one of you who spend a moment or two of your time to visit me here. I may question your judgement, LOL!!, but I appreciate you!

If I haven't responded to you, it's most likely it's because I don't really know what the proper etiquette is. I feel awkward responding within the comments section (unless it's a question that would benefit other readers). I never know if someone will come back to see if I've answered, so I am not sure if that is beneficial.

I often respond to those who comment by writing them an email. However, many unfortunately have not checked the box to enable people to respond via email. Please, please check the box.

And finally, I will usually come on over and visit your blog and leave a comment on yours. Not so much in a tit-for-tat way, but to get to know you a little bit. Usually I'll leave comments thanking you for visiting and mentioning a post you've written that touched me.

So, I guess my question(s) is/are:

If you comment on this (or any other blog) do you go back to read the comments section to see if there is a response from the blog owner?

Is there a valid reason why people don't "check the box" or is it just an oversight?

Do you stop visiting blogs of those who don't reply to your comments?

Thanks for your input! You can be sure I will reply to each and every one of these comments!!! LOL!!


Erica Herzog said...

Fix of all, besides my mom and my mother-in-law, you are my most frequent commenter, and that keeps me coming back to your blog. Second, I don't have too much experience with people I don't know coming to my blog, but the handful of times that it has happened, I either email them if I can or, if not, then I visit their blog and leave a comment. I'm pretty new to all this, but from what I've seen, I think that's good blog behavior.

Karen said...

In all honesty, I'm not offended if you don't comment to my comment. I don't always comment when someone comments. (this sounds like a bad sitcom!) I do go and visit their blog though and usually will end up saying something at some time. I don't know what's proper and what's not, but I suspect that there's no hard and fast rule for this. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that it's okay if you don't respond to something that I say.

jess said...

i actuallu find commenting really stressful at times. i feel responsible to comment on people who leave a comment for me, but i don't do it many times...sometimes i go through my bloglines and comment on every person - even when it's a stretch for me to find something to say...(Um, wow. That picture of your new houseplant is waaaay cute. Love, Jess)...



TAMY & the SGT said...

Hey Lori,
First of all, don't feel required to email me on this comment. I think that you should follow your gut reactions on the protocol for comments. I don't believe all comments warrant a response on a blog or by email and when they do emailing is the best way for personal attention. I believe many people leave a comment as a way of connecting and would prefer you visit their blog and maybe comment on one of their posts. As for anonymous comments, there's just no way to handle that. Like you, I don't want to comment on my own post (unless it was a question that the answer would benefit everyone. By the way, thanks for emailing me when I did have a question.

Panda-Mom said...

I just came upon your blog tonight. Hope you will continue it once in Qatar. I have been enlightened tremendously by all of your "Better Works" posts. I am just starting out on the homeschool adventure with my 5 year old. I can't express how helpful your words have been!!!...even to the point of your "Discipline" post. That is me in a nutshell. Just wanted you to know that you encouraged another bloggy soul. Thanks. ; )

stacey said...

so funny you should ask, because i was just pondering a future post regarding my own blog experiences in this area! here are my mini-versions:

* i never go back to check if someone commented on my comment! who has time!! i know that is how some people converse, but it does not work for me.

* i love getting my comments via email; it just makes great sense! then i can respond right then or save for later! or i always know it is there if i go over to my site!

* tough one! i take each person's situation individually! take you for example :), i have not seen you around my place lately but i also know you are extremely preoccupied. b/c i took the time to know you a little better earlier on, it makes me much softer on your absence! :) plus i still read you faithfully! as for others, i have dropped them b/c they NEVER once acknowledged my consistent comments on post after post nor did they ever once make a courtesy stop at my place. dropped; it just irks me!

* some days i am better than others at commenting. i may comment on every post i like or i may save up my comments for several posts to save time.

did i say this was going to be short!!

Raquel said...

I never go back and look at comments to see if there is a comment. I am not offended if I comment adn the person never comments on mine, although it is nice to know if a person visited your blog.

I think sometimes it is really hard to comment and say something that has not been said already or that is cool not just nice blog, etc....

ValleyGirl said...

I'm glad I took the time this morning to see what others said, because Stacey already said pretty much exactly what I think. So now I can just keep this short and sweet!! MY philosophy is, it's your blog, handle it however you want to. If your goal is actually to socialize and increase your readership, you may want to make sure you regularly visit and comment on your commenters' blogs, but if this is therapeutic or family communication and the comments are just a bonus, then don't worry about it.

Peggie said...

I email sometimes and not others. Sometimes I can't find any way to email and would like to respond but feel my hands are tied. When someone does email, I usually check the blog again and see how I like other posts, advertising etc in the blog. One post could be great, but yet what is advertised or promoted in the blog may not be what I am interested in or want to read.

I am thankful for those that take the time to comment and those who take the time to email. I wish all bloggers made it easy to respond to them though. Sometimes you just do not want to leave a response in a place that has nothing to do with what you are writing about.

Darla said...

If someone comments on my blog I visit their blog and will comment especially if it is a question.

I check to have it sent to my email because that way I notice. hehehe

Sometimes it ends up being awhile because life happens. But alas we are all different.

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