Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dear Internet, (or "Please Fix My Life")

Well, here's a glimpse of my life the last few days as see through the eyes of needing some advice.

1) Does anyone know how to remove Super Glue from a micro-suede sofa? Not that anyone spilled some on the sofa in an effort to repair the camel from the nativity set or anything. No, it wouldn't have been that. If you asked your husband to do something and he didn't and then you attempted to do it and made an even bigger mess, it's all your husband's fault, right?

2) Does anyone have a tip for getting Super Glue off one's fingers?

3) Does anybody know how to convince my kids that thinking about putting them in school does not (necessarily!) mean that we don't want them around? Daniel came to me this morning and asked why I don't just send him off to a Swiss boarding school. To which I replied, "No, I wouldn't do that. But maybe a German one."

4) Does anyone know how to get my house to clean itself? If I have never mentioned it, I have a young man that comes once a week to do my floors and random chores. I'm blessed to have his help and can only do it because labor is so inexpensive here (we pay about $20 for his time and he's glad for it), but honestly, every time he's supposed to come I start realizing how messy it is and how much work I need to do before he can do his work. Sigh...how is it that having outside help makes me more tired?

5) What can be done for a torn shoulder muscle? Hubby and I were tossing around a medicine ball the other night and ever since the top of my right shoulder is killing me. Ugh.

6) How do you get clothes to dry (without a dryer, mind you) when it's only in the 50's outside? It's taking forever. Finally I put the most stubborn items right smack dab in front of the space heater we bought.

7) How does one notify the internet that you will no longer be blogging because you perished in a house fire ignited by laundry being hung up too close to a space heater?


Catherine said...

Hey, Lori. I can't help you with the super glue issues except to say that you have reminded me to be extra careful when I try to repair one of my Nativity sets that the cats knocked over. Nor do I know how to get a house to clean itself. If I did, mine would actually be clean and I would be sitting around eating bon-bons. After all, isn't that what stay-at-home moms do all day?

I can help with the shoulder issue, though! Take ibuprofen regularly. Ice your shoulder for twenty minutes at a time, three to four times a day. Do some gentle stretching of the shoulder so it doesn't get stiff. I'll pray for your clothes to dry without your house burning down and for your kids to trust you about the schooling. Sounds like you're having quite a day. Hang in there!

Karen said...

perhaps now that you have obliterated your fingerprints with super glue, you might consider a life of crime? Then you might be able to afford both a self cleaning house and a german boarding school. (and maybe a clothes dryer to boot. Or all new clothes all the time so that you don't ever have to wash anything.)

Erica said...

Nail polish remover will help get the superglue off your fingers, but I wouldn't recommend it on the couch.

As for the other things, let me know when you figure them out. :)

TJ said...

Ahh sounds like a rough time for you! You are in my prayers.

Catherine was right on with the shoulder. Just take care not to overuse it while it heals, ouch!

Boarding school sounds good, at least for a few days at my house. Too bad they don't take 2 and 5 year olds. Although now that Winter Break is over, I hope mine will get back into a routine. Yours are just worried by the change, they're at that age, and it's probably an overwhelming thought for them to make that change.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm sorry, but I just had to LOL at your list, especially your answer to #3. I had a shoulder issue about a year ago and what helped me was not lifting anything really heavy above my shoulder area for a while. If you can avoid raising your arms up a lot, that will help, but it's not very realistic, I know. I agree about the ibuprofen.

Elizabeth said...

If you find out how to get the house to clean itself, please pass that tip along! :)

stacey said...

i don't have the answers. just lots of hope that someone else does!


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