Saturday, January 17, 2009

No, I'm Not Converting. . .

but let me just say that this morning I was honestly thinking those Muslim women may be on to something.

As I stumbled out of bed, my back was aching, my eyes were bleary, I was still half asleep. And I was thinking of all I had to do today. First up was going to the grocery store. Well, let me just say that I didn't feel like washing and then blow-drying my hair, doing my make-up, ironing clothes, touching up my rather grungy-looking pedicure, etc. just to go to the grocery store.

And then it hit me. The freedom that Muslim women must feel. I mean, you just throw on your abaya (the black robe), and some manner of headcovering and you are set. Let's look at some examples.

Ok, now this is the least helpful one, in my humble opinion. You still have to do your make-up, right? However, I would like this because I think I would get claustrophobic under the fabric of a veil.

This is the look I'm going for. Yes, you'll need to slap some eyeliner and mascara on, but that's fairly easy. No one can tell if you have a zit, no one need know if you've been doing your moisturizing routine. If you get a piece of spinach caught in your teeth, no one is snickering at you behind your back.

Now, this is the one I could never pull off. I'm a klutz by nature and tend to fall down stairs and off boats and things. Having a sheer piece of black fabric completely covering my face would probably mean I'd be spending a whole lotta time at the ER. Although this would be the most helpful when you need a gallon of milk and don't want to get dressed. You could pull this one off straight out of bed in the morning.

Uh, no.

I hope that nobody (like the government!!!) misunderstands this post. While I don't agree with the belief system that mandates this form of dress, I do respect their culture and know that it's an important part of their lives. That's fine. I'm simply commenting on how much easier it would be for women if we didn't have to worry about what we looked like everytime we step out the door. This must make things so much easier!!!


ValleyGirl said...

Yes, like work or school uniforms!! Maybe a universal housewife uniform? It could be cute but functional (and machine washable, of course!) with a zippy little removable apron....

I LIKE it!

Misty said...

ooh i like vallyegirl's idea, too! lol. i joke that i'm a prime candidate for what not to wear, b/cs i OFTEN go out of the house wearing things that imply i do not care what i look like! usually i don't, but sometimes i'm just too lazy! i don't wear make up or do my hair so that certianly cuts down on a lot of my load!!

stacey said...

probably why my fav look is a ball cap and sunglasses!

Debbie said...

Yeah, there are days when I pull my hair back in a pony tail, throw the sweats on and add my sunglasses. It takes time to be all together and there are some days when it's not going to happen.

Leeann said...

OMGosh, i have had this thought SO OFTEN! A head covering, a nice flowing robe type thing. I could TOTALLY live like that.


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