Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What We Are Doing Today

Ok, can a post have a more boring title or more boring content? Sorry!

This morning the kids and I are off to the American School of Doha for a tour. I'm still completely torn about it. There are so many good reasons to send them there, but there are some reasons not to that are just ripping my heart out.

I had always planned on homeschooling. Does sending them to school now mean I've failed - both in that goal and in preparing them for their futures?

What will happen financially - will I be forced to get a job? That is a big fear for me. Not that I'm afraid of working. Truthfully, I always enjoyed my working days. I just am sure that God wants me in the home full-time. I've had to let go the part-time help that I moaned about just yesterday, so now even more of the burden of keeping up with the house falls on my shoulders. Plus I want the time the kids would be home from school to be relaxed and fun - not just rushing about trying to get dinner ready and the house cleaned and homework done.

We will be so limited on when we can take vacations. I know that seems petty, but when you homeschool and can pick up and go whenever you need (or want) to, it's definitely a factor. You aren't tied to anyone's schedule but your own. You don't have to travel at peak season and pay peak season rates.

I'm going through with the tour and probably we will apply for the school. At this point in time, they only have space available in Daniel's grade, so Emily would probably stay home with me by herself for the time being. However, Daniel being already enrolled would give her priority if a space opened up in her grade. I'm doing it because I think the benefits outweigh the negatives. But it's hard. My heart hurts just thinking about it.

On another note, can I ask you to pray for Emily? She's just been plagued by fear lately, some of it justified, some not. She's usually such a confident, outgoing young lady and it makes me sad to see her so fearful. Would you pray for release from that fear and for a spirit of boldness to be evident in her? It would mean alot to me.

I'll drop back in later and let you know our thoughts about the school. It's probably going to be fantastic, I know. It's just a big step to think about.


Leeann said...


Today is a huge day for you all.

I hope you like the school. It will be exciting to see all the opportunities available there for Daniel and later for Emily.

Prayers will most certainly be said for dear Emily. See if you can get her blogging again. Words of encouragement from her readers would be helpful, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

You most certainly have not failed. You are open to what's best for your kids at the time and that may change depending many factors. I think it's good that you have an open mind and are exploring your options. IKWYM about feeling as though you are meant to be home. I feel that way, too. There's just more of a sense of peace being home making sure this base is covered.

I agree that conforming to school schedules is a pain, but as with anything, weigh the pros and the cons.

Jennifer said...

no, you've not failed. there are different seasons of your life, and you may be transisitoning into another one. i may have missed this, but i'm wondering why you feel that yoiu are not able to homeschool anymore? surely we all go through some rough (very rough) spots, but we come through the other side?

Claire said...

Praying for you and Emily.

I'd say, put it all to prayer, as far as the schooling. What the school teaches would have a lot to do with whether or not my kids went there. Is it comparable to "public" school here in the States?

And, if you do put them in, can you take them out again if you don't like how it's going?

Pray. God will let you know what to do.

Nic said...

I think putting the kids in school will be a great experience for them. They will get to meet more kids from all over the world. It will probably be a very positive experience for all of you. That said, I totally get your feeling or desire to continue being a stay at home mom. People seem to think that once our children are school aged, they no longer need mom at home for them, but I disagree. I think the older they get, the more like infants they are in respect to the amount of "need" there is for mom(or dad) to be there. Not only to support them and nurture them but also to keep their butts in line. Teens have way too much opportunity to get in trouble. Too many of them are allowed to come home and watch tv, play video games or have friends over; which may end in trouble. Now I am not saying that will happen with your family but it does happen more easily when a parent isnt there when they get off that bus every day. I am sure this is all stuff you have thought and maybe are agonizing over. I would say, if you have to get a job for financial reasons, look at the school. Maybe there is an opportunity for you to work at the school or your church. It would give you some flexibility. What about languages? Do they speak English there? I dont recall you ever really mentioning it being an issue and I am painfully ignorant about that area of the world.

Amy said...

Hi Lori,

I know what your going through. We put Elijah (6th)and Ezra (K). IN our charter school that was rated number one. I have now pulled them out. There were to many uncaring teachers the social influence were intense and disgusting. Even for the few good teachers there are the overwelming number of kids that have bad language, and no respect for authority was awful. He was challenged in some of his classes but the evenings were taken up with me having to make him do his 2 hours of homework after being gone all day. It was no good. He lost his love for learnig. I know its up a big decission and I put my kids in school because my husband really thought it was a good school and a good situation. I was honoring him by letting them go. He has now seen the light and said I was right to want to keep them home.


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