Friday, June 29, 2007
For those of you who haven't heard of Heather at Especially Heather right now click on this link and go read this amazing child of God's story. Diagnosed a few months ago with a large brain tumor, Heather has had surgery (which could have proved fatal or caused the loss of speech or motor function) to remove the tumor and is now undergoing radiation treatment.

Heather, though I have never met her, has become a daily inspiration to me. She has walked this journey through cancer the way that I would hope I would - with complete and utter faith and yet completely honestly about the fear and sadness. She has nothing but praise to the Lord who has made her and knows her every thought, fear and hope. She has brought me to tears many times. Not only has she had to deal with cancer, but her youngest child was born with a very rare heart condition and was not expected to live to birth. Emma just recently celebrated her 6th birthday.

If you want to be truly blessed and humbled today, check it out.



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