Monday, June 25, 2007


One of my homeschool heroines, Charlotte Mason, once said, "Habit is ten natures." She believed, as I am starting to understand, that once you have a habit ingrained in your life that habit is stronger than your own natural tendencies. Unfortunately, my natural tendencies are rather, um, slothful, you might say. I'd much rather read a book than mop the floors. So in an effort to develop the habits necessary to making my home a true respite for my family, I have taken a cue from the FlyLady and set up for myself some basic routines to serve as checkpoints along my day.

Today I'd like to share with you the ideas I have for my daily routines, just basic tasks to have accomplished by a given time throughout the day.

Lori's Morning Routine (Done by 9 am)
· Run washing machine
· Make beds
· Get kids' breakfast & chores started
· Take vitamins/have breakfast
· Check the day's calendar
· Dress to shoes
· Morning walk with kids

Lori's Mid-Morning Routine (Done by 12 pm)
· Dinner? (Defrost meat, make salad or other side dish)
· Reboot laundry
· Kitchen Patrol
· Hotspots
· Focus Cleaning tasks (more on this tomorrow)

Lori’s Evening Routine (Done by 8 pm)
· Clear away dinner dishes
· Load and run dishwasher
· Kitchen clean-up
· General straightening up
· Quick sweep of kitchen floor
· Prepare clothes for tomorrow for myself and hubby
· Load washing machine
· Check tomorrow's calendar

Tomorrow, I'll share with you the day-to-day cleaning routine. And taking a tip from Lizzie I've come up with an 8-week menu plan and created shopping lists for each week that should save me untold hours of menu planning. I'll share that with you on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lori,
I'm still enjoying reading your blog. I'm actually commenting on your "new" walking habit. You know, when you and I were walking before I moved I never lost any weight, but I do think it helped me maintain my weight. I didn't gain any weight during that time that we were walking those three miles (almost daily). Now that I don't have a walking buddy I ride my bike. We actually hills here in Winter Springs! But I don't see much change in the body shape department, so I asked my doctor and she said that the best thing to do to loose weight (specifically the over 40 spread) is to do weight training every other day. She said that's the only way to really effect a change in your metablism for all the other activities done that day. I haven't started yet, I hope to get up and do it tomorrow.
Hope this is helpful. Laurie

Leeann said...

Hey Lor,

Man, am I impressed with your motivation lately! You are most definitely on a roll. Take it slow and steady and you'll be set!
BTW, I know what you mean about slothful. Did you know my favorite animal really and truly is a sloth?
Kid you not!

Charity said...

I think this is the post that led me to your blog. I had searched blogs for "Flylady." Flylady really helped me get some routines in place in my home. I haven't been doing as well on my routines lately and I need to rework them and write them out again instead of just doing them by memory.


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